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A Visit To Southern Heights Brewing Co Photo Credit: Southern Heights Brewing

Located at 6014 Techni Center Dr, Austin, Texas


Southern Heights Brewing Co. is charming in its simplicity. Walking through the door one is immediately confronted with a chalkboard menu of beer, light colored wooden tables, and a wall of fermenters and brewing equipment. There’s a shipping container to walk under, but other than that, the space is pretty straightforward. It’s a brewery, so get a beer already, the venue seems to be saying.

Strangely, I liked that about it. No frills, no unnecessary details, just wood to crowd around and the machinery of brewing.

The day I went was a little different though, as there was an artist’s pop-up market, the Coalesce Collective present. They had put together a bill with a bunch of bands (including Ley Line, who were awesome!) and some eccentric weirdo vendors. Full disclaimer: yours truly had a booth with my own eco-scifi series, Interstellar Spring. So instead of a simple brewery with tasty beers it was a simple brewery crammed with sculptors and illustrators and stuff. A fine improvement!

Another awesome thing worth mentioning about Southern Heights Brewing before we get back to the beer: there’s a food truck out front, and it is good. It’s called Ted’s Farm and is a basically Bánh mì meets BBQ. I cannot overstate the brilliance of this simple idea. I love me some BBQ, I mean, who doesn’t? But to be honest, eating meat and meat with a side of beans can be a little, err, nap-inducing. What better to lighten up deliciously smoked brisket than matchstick carrots, cilantro and cucumbers? I’m sure the pork belly is good too but damn y’all, that brisket sandwich. Forget the white bread, I’m a convert, I’ll take my meat on a crispy French baguette stuffed with fresh produce and sauce. Seriously. Get you one.

Anyways back to Southern Heights Brewing Co.

Their beer is good y’all, mostly, and especially their IPAs. Here’s what I tried.

It’s Probably Awesome: I approached the bar and demanded the fine gentlemen behind the counter to serve me their finest IPA. He raised an eyebrow, asked, “What do you like?”

A fair question. I was already impressed. To be honest I don’t like my IPAs too bitter. I want a lot of hop aroma for sure, but no tongue-scratchers for me. I relayed this information to him.

He nodded. “Citrus or fruity?” he asked.


“Here. It’s Probably Awesome,” he said, handing me a hazy beer the color of grapefruit juice and confusing the hell out of me all at once. Once I sipped it though, I realized the name was selling the beer short. It’s Probably Awesome is a fine IPA. Bitter like orange zest, with hints of passionfruit, and maybe even hints of mango make this beer damn delicious. I kept saying “golden fruits” in my head as I drank it. With a wonderful mouth feel and bitter fruity aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and demands you drink more, It’s Probably Awesome is a wonderful way to brighten a dim winter’s day.

Dave’s Not Here Man: A citrusy IPA with a complex assortment of hoppy flavors battling for supremacy. I can’t tell you exactly what was going on with the hop profile of this beer, only that it was good. The beer itself was clear, clean, golden and intoxicatingly aromatic. An elevated IPA.

Space Jam 2: This was the only beer I tried that I was a bit disappointed with, and that may just be me. The Space Jam 2 is a coffee porter in the fullest sense. You can really taste the coffee, but it was too much for me. It made the beer taste too acidic and it didn’t have the body that I like in a porter. Too much coffee, not enough porter. However, this is a fairly rare complaint, as most coffee porters suffer from not enough coffee, so worth trying if you skipped you cup of coffee that morning.

Go There Because: You’re stuck in traffic on 183 and want a beer or two on the way home from work and a maybe a delicious sandwich to go with.

Don’t Miss: The IPA game is strong here. If you like hops, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t like hops, I Southern Heights Brewing might make a convert out of you. It’s Probably Awesome is a great place to start.


A Visit To Southern Heights Brewing Co
Photo Credit: Southern Heights Brewing

To read more about Southern Heights Brewing, read our profile article:

J. Darris Mitchell is a sci-fi writer from Austin, Texas. He’s drunk beers in 10 countries and on 4 continents and has been drinking fine beers in Austin longer than most of local craft breweries have existed. When not writing, he often spends his weekends brewing beer in his backyard with his darling wife, his two year old son, a fat cat, and six chickens.  You can follow him on Twitter @joedarris.

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