January started off pretty rough; however, there are some good news stories out there. Here are a few highlights of what is happening in the Austin area beer scene.

A New Pinthouse Has Arrived

The long-awaited fourth location of Pinthouse Pizza has opened under a new concept Pinthouse Brewing. Many wondered if it would just be the new brewing facility for all that Electric Jellyfish; however, it is far more than that. Read more here.

Hop Culture Magazine Presents Juicy Brews Saturday Morning

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to attend Hop Culture Magazine’s Beers With(out) Beards virtual craft beer festival which came with a huge box full of beers from around the country. So believe me when I say that the ticket for this event is definitely worth it. Coming February 20th, Hop Culture brings you another fabulous virtual beer event complete with a box of beer from brewers including Trillium, Ingenious, Great Notion, Oozlefintch, and more. Tickets here.

Helping Out Fellow Texans in Need

You may have popped into Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery for a beer on the patio and noticed a food scooping assembly line inside. They have been partnering with Good Work Austin to provide meals to the residents of ProLodge lV three times a week.

Look Out for Skinny Bees!

If dry January is not your thing, you may still be looking to cut back on calories. Fans of Meridian Hive now have a new low-calorie option made with the same ingredients coming in at 100 calories per can. The Skinny Bee line features two new flavors and can be found where Meridian Hive is sold.

Growler Room is Closing

Due to the pandemic, the Growler Room on Burnet road is closing their doors in March they announced on social media. Everything is for sale, so stop by and grab some beer, fun merch, and a growler or two.

The Beerdrop Opens at ABIA

Austin Beerworks opens a new retail location at the Austin airport. The Beerdrop opened this past Friday as part of the Austin City Market and joins several other local beer options at ABIA. Per Texas law, they do not have ownership or control over the new space; however, it is treated as a retail location, so you are still supporting local.

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