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Top Craft Beer Destinations to Watch the Women’s World Cup

I have reached out to multiple places that are in the process of providing details, this list will be updated often as I get confirmation. Check back regularly!

The United States Women’s Nation Soccer Team takes the stage on June 11th as the reigning champions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The tournament kicks off on June 7th with France vs. South Korea and our beloved USWNT are favored to win it all.

Here are a few things you should know in a nutshell:

#1 – We are awesome. We are literally the number one team in the world.

#2 – This tournament only happens every four years and only lasts a couple of weeks. So get out there and show your support for the Women’s National team!

#3 – Even if you aren’t a big soccer fan, this is one of the best times to hang out with some major fans and enjoy the atmosphere – hey the game is only 90 min, right? (side note: if you are just going to complain, please don’t come to hang out with us – this is our super bowl…)

I’ve watched a lot of soccer all over town over the years, so I put a list together to aid you in your game-watching based on the criteria below:

Enthusiasm for the game. These folks love soccer and it’s evident by the crowds they draw and the electric atmosphere during the game. No one wants to be the only one cheering with a painted face.

Plays games with the sound on. Nothing worse than staring at an intense game while DJ music pumping all around you. (Please note: sound is on most of the time, but depending on the time of day and crowds, it may not be – I suggest always calling ahead).

Serves craft beer. This one does not require an explanation.

Note: just so I don’t have to repeat myself, no one I know of is airing the 6 am game. However, feel free to call ahead if you must venture out for that one.

Black Sheep LodgeHaymaker
These sister bars will have a breakfast menu available for every game that starts before normal hours and is featuring $3 Pints of Altstadt Lager & $12 pitchers. Note: Haymaker is the American Outlaws headquarters, so get here early to secure a spot.

B.D Riley’s
Both pubs (Aldrich St/Mueller and 6th St/Downtown) will feature matchday beer and cider specials and show all matches during regular hours. All Knockout Stage matches shown, with early opening for any USA match.

Hops and Grain
Both locations will be open at 10 am, so they will be airing most games with sound featuring $3 River Beer (20oz/full pours) during all USWNT matches!

Lazarus Brewing Co.
Showing all the games with sound and offering $3 lager with the purchase of two tacos or a torta.

Mister Tramps
Dubbed Austin’s Home for the World Cup, they will be open for all games. As a well-known quintessential soccer pub, get there early and expect great crowds.

The Tavern
Official home of the Austin Aztecs, catch the games at this Austin icon boasting 46 HD surround TV’s, upstairs and downstairs.

Pour House Pints and Pies
Happened to stop by for the group C final group play and was surprised to find they had both games on with sound! Great beer selection and great pizza – add this one to your list.

Uncle Billy’s Brewery
Showing every match on multiple HDTVs inside and outside on the patio with a breakfast menu for the early games and the regular menu starting at 11 am. Bonus points for free WiFi so you can pretend to be working. Diligently.

WhichCraft Beer Store
The Mueller location is already open early, so come on by and grab a cup of joe or choose from the selection of outstanding craft beers with happy hour pricing during the games. Free WiFi available for those of us “working” during the Cup.

Photo courtesy of the USWNT

Honorable Mention: Games aired during operating hours which means mainly weekend or afternoon matches. Still, great beer here!

B.B. Rover’s Cafe & Pub
Known for being NWAustin’s original craft beer bar, the pub will be open for 2 pm for games.

Celis Brewery
The brewery will show the games with sound during normal operating hours and feature beer specials. Stay tuned for schedule updates.

Easy Tiger & Easy Tiger LINC
Airing the USWNT games with sound in partnership with the Austin Anthem Lady Birds. Check their social media for additional details.

Growler USA
Will have the games on during operating hours and will turn on sound as requested.

Hi Hat Public House
Is showing matches while they are open and having Happy Hour pricing during the matches which are 1/2 off Pretzels and Tostadas – 1 dollar off pints and 2 dollars off glasses of wine.

The League Kitchen & Tavern
All locations will be airing the games with sound during operating hours.

Oskar Blues Brewery
Plans to show games with sound depending on the crowds during operating hours.

Pinthouse Pizza
For the USWNT games only, they are featuring $4 off a pitcher of PHP Beer (check match schedules). All other games will be aired during business hours with sound upon request.

Red’s Porch
Currently only planning to show games during operating hours with sound upon request; however, call ahead if you want to make a reservation for a particular game.

The Spokesman
The natural lighting prohibits great game viewing during the day, so, unfortunately, they will not be featuring sound. However, they will be offering $3 selected 20oz pints during each match and will air early games.

Waller Creek Pub House & Edwins Sports Bar
They will be showing all games with sound during operating hours (11 am) with weekly specials.

​Get out there and cheer for the Women of the USA! ‪#‎USWNT‬​

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