Your Own Brewday with Beerburg Brewing

Are you a huge fan of craft beer? Have you ever wondered what it is like to brew alongside a professional brewer & produce a delicious product you can enjoy & be crazy proud of? Beerburg Brewing is offering JUST THAT! Trevor Nearburg, Owner & Brewer is hosting an innovative virtual home brewing experience that is sure to kick the blues of Covid19. The virtual brew will consist of ingredients specially foraged from Beerburg’s land. …

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Homebrewing During a Global Pandemic

While we all hunker down, a copious amount of unexpected time to investigate untapped hobbies and get creative has suddenly appeared. People are taking up new fitness practices, crafting, learning musical instruments, languages…homebrewing? Why not? With extra time abounding, what better opportunity to take up the skill of brewing your own beer? Some of Austin’s homebrewing gurus were happy to share their tips on how to get started on the journey.  I had the pleasure …

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Wort War II Homebrew Competition at NXNW

This year marks the second installment of the homebrewer focused competition held by NXNW Restaurant and Brewery. First, the unique approach to a Homebrew Competition starts with each contestant picking up 5 gallons of pre-made wort from the NXNW Brewery-Slaughter location on September 27th and 28th. The finished product is only limited to the contestant’s creativity, knowledge and skill with the end goal of producing a quality brew unique to that individual. The winning recipe …

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Austin Home Brew Festival

Austin Homebrew Festival Nov. 3rd, 2017

Austin Homebrew Festival 2017 A Celebration of Austin’s Finest Small Batch Beer The Austin Homebrew Festival celebrates the best of Austin’s homebrewed beers, meads, ciders, and kombuchas. Award-winning homebrewers from all over Central Texas participate in this annual event, with high quality brews to be expected at the festival. The Festival offers guests a chance to taste brews from over a dozen homebrewers, vote on their favorite brews for the coveted “People’s Choice Awards.” In …

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Rare Craft Beer Collection

Beginners Guide To Craft Beer Bottle Shares

A Bottle Share is when Craft Beer enthusiasts and/or people new to Craft Beer get together and bring a unique and special beers to share. My first bottle share took place before I moved to Austin in New Jersey about 3 years ago hosted by Mike from New Jersey Craft Beer.  I didn’t know there were any rules/etiquette to follow. While there might be different levels of craft beer drinkers (some homebrew and others just drink it), what …

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picture of All Grain Homebrew IPA

The Best Part Of Home Brewing Beer Is Sharing

This guest post is by Michael Farrell. The best part of home brewing beer is sharing it with friends. Let me tell you how I got started with home brewing. I purchased my first homebrew kit in 1993. Five years later I moved out of the college which I was attending (University of Texas), but my homebrew kit did not make the move with me, it ended up in the dumpster bin. I realized that the …

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My First Homebrew

A few years ago a friend of mine(not into craft beer) gifted me a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. At the time I didn’t cook( I can burn water) so it just sat in a closet. When we moved to Austin, I decided to take the kit with us with the intention of attempting my first home brew. Fast forward a few months when I decided it was time! OF course at this point the Mr Beer  ingredients …

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