Thank You Andrew Schwab for providing these!

With all of the tickets sold for the next installment of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), I figured I would do a public service and compile all of the area breweries and taproom hours into a single document.  Sure, this started solely as something to help me drink at as many breweries as possible, but I figure it got to a point that it might as well be shared!

Much like my Texas brewery map and spreadsheet (Texas Brewery Brewpub Tour Listings and Map), this one should be up to date as far as the beginning of August.  It is focused mainly on breweries east of the Rockies and in the general Denver vicinity.  I cannot promise I have all of the breweries on there (I live in Texas, after all), but I think I got most of them.  Let me know if any are missing and I will take care of getting them on there.

If you are going to the GABF, I highly recommend going out and supporting as many of the local breweries as possible.  There are too many good ones to ignore.  Making the trip up to Boulder and Fort Collins is also a worthwhile adventure (with a DD is definitely better).

(If you notice anything wrong or knows of changes, please  let Andrew know via twitter at @andrewlschwab )

The second part is a map that I will continue to update.  It is a great resource if you know you will be going to a certain area and want to find some local beer.  There are also some other breweries on there that are close to opening, so be sure to check the google sheet for their hours before you head over.

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