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Any old-school hip hop fan knows the Beastie Boys enjoyed a beer now and then. They famously fought for their right to party! And when the group rapped “put your left leg down, your right leg up, tilt your head back, let’s finish the cup,” they sure weren’t talking about ice water.

Fortunately, New Jersey’s Source Brewing is re-releasing their beloved Intergalactic Imperial IPA for an extremely limited run this month, so fans can tip one back in honor of the iconic trio. The first release of this Beastie Boys tribute last year proved to be among the brewery’s most popular beers ever, selling out in a matter of minutes!

To make this year’s release extra special, the beer will come as a 4-pack, along with a commemorative glass featuring an original design by artist Linda Mencel. Even more noteworthy, it will be accessible to craft beer drinkers and music aficionados in 27 states through the app-based bottle shop Tavour.

Fans of the group will instantly recognize the beer name, Intergalactic — from the 1998 album Hello Nasty — as one of the Beastie Boys’ biggest hits. It even earned the group a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Performance’ in 1999. It’s also a favorite of Philip Peracca, owner and managing partner at Source Brewing.

According to the brewery, the beer itself is inspired by the band. It’s “rebellious, edgy, heady, and smooth,” and a “huge Galaxy dry-hop will have your senses in another dimension!” The brewers also added Citra and Mosaic Cryo-Hops, making the hop bill a “harmonious trio,” just like Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock.

Source has received hundreds of requests to brew the beer again, many from outside of their home state, so it made sense for the brewery to work with a company like Tavour. The craft beer retailer works with over 650 of the country's top breweries and has offered band-themed brews before, including Source’s own Grateful Dead tribute beer HELP>SLIP>HAZY.

Those who are fortunate enough to try a sip of this brew will be treated to flavors of tangerine, apricot, candied orange, and melon, all from the hops and yeasts. But getting a taste of this 9% Imperial IPA might be easier said than done — cans of this limited release are already sold out at the taproom!.

The only way fans still have a chance at this tribute beer and commemorative glass is on Tavour. Those hopeful for a sip will need to:

1. Download the Tavour app.

2. Allow notifications from Tavour on the app and their device.

3. Enter code "intergalactic" on the promos page of the app.

When the beer is available to purchase, Tavour members who have entered the code will receive a push notification and the option to buy as long as the limited supply holds out!

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