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When the legendary crew at Other Half Brewing drops a new barrel-aged Stout, fans scoop up every bottle in mere days. Sometimes they sell out in a matter of hours! For those in the know, that’s not surprising — the brewery is widely recognized as one of the best in the Northeast, and is responsible for revitalizing Brooklyn’s now booming craft beer scene.

For dark beer aficionados outside of New York, Other Half’s limited edition Stouts can be even more difficult to come by. Fortunately for them, a pair of recent offerings from the sought-after brewery will soon be available in 27 states through the app-based retailer Tavour.

Other Half began offering a selection of their beers through Tavour in late 2020, and they’ve already proven to be extremely popular with fans. This holiday 2-pack — featuring one bottle each of BA Deep Orbit Cygnus and BA Deep Orbit Vega — will be the first of the brewery’s acclaimed Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stouts to hit the app.

More exciting still, this will be one of the most widely available Other Half oak-aged Stout releases in the brewery’s history, giving fans across the country their first chance to nab these brag-worthy brews! For most, it will be their only chance.

The small stash of bottles at the brewery’s taproom is already sold out. And while a handful of cases will see distribution to a few outlets in the Chicago area, they will likely vanish quickly.

This is also the first time Other Half has released a barrel-aged version of Deep Orbit Cygnus, their ode to Halloween candy. To make it, the brewers used actual chocolate-peanut butter candy and chocolate-caramel nougat. The candy adds a lusciously thick body along with notes of rich peanut butter and fudge that compliment the base beer’s roasty mocha flavors. Nuances of caramel and oak from the barrels add complexity and further disguise the whopping 16% ABV.

This will be just the second release of BA Deep Orbit Vega, which the brewers say “tastes like Oreos dunked in Imperial Stout.” That should come as no surprise — the Other Half team added heaps of real chocolate sandwich cookies when they crafted this beer! According to fans, it really does taste like a cookie, but with added nuances of roasty coffee and a touch of caramel from the bourbon barrels. And, just like Cygnus, it features a decadently thick, almost chewy mouthfeel, along with a towering 16% ABV.

Those looking to get a sip of these rare brews (or those in search of a gift that will absolutely delight any craft beer fan) will have to download the Tavour app. While an exact release date has not been announced, this two-pack should be available sometime in mid-November. It is expected to sell out fast.

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