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A lot of us enjoy the experience of going to a new taproom. With all of the breweries that are opening up across Texas, it is hard to keep tabs on what is happening. Well, maybe I can help you on that. I have a small hobby of trying to keep up to date with all of the taprooms across the state. Over the last year or so, I have created a couple of documents on Google that may be able to aid in that.

First you will see the map that I continue to update as local breweries get approval.  It is a great resource if you know you will be going to a certain area and want to find some local beer.  There are also some other breweries on there that are close to opening, so be sure to check the google sheet for their hours before you head over. The green pins indicate if it is a brewpub, blue indicate if it is a brewery, and yellow means that they have TABC approvals but not quite open (brewery/brewpub differentiation solely is a licensing distinction in Texas, both are brewing beer). Hopefully, you can find something new in your area.

Under the map you will see the taproom Google sheet. More or less, it includes all of the operational brewpubs and breweries in the state. I try to go through and keep it up to date with all of the changes happening. It also lists other breweries that are pretty close to opening, so those will be updated when they do.





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