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The Right Craft Beer Choice for Buttered Lobster



Summer is coming, and you know what that means – outdoor dining!

If you’re a fan of lobster, then you surely know how important it is to pair it with the right craft beer. While a mismatch won’t kill you, it’ll prevent you from hitting the highest mark on the pleasure meter.

Today, we will explore the vast offer of Texan, mainly Austin, breweries and present you with some great beers to indulge in with your lobster.

1. Adelbert’s Brewery – Philosophizer

Saisons seems to be getting more and more popular lately. If you’re a fan of this style, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that it pairs perfectly with lobster rolls!

Adelbert’s, now legendary, Philosophizer Saison tastes as quirky as it sounds. The yeasty, citrusy, peppery notes will break up the most mayonnaise-ridden buttery rolls and make you beg for more. Philosophizer is an excellent choice for those who prefer mild carbonation and a dry finish.

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2. Jester King Brewery – Atrial Rubicite

Sours aren’t for everyone, but those who are into them are REALLY into them. When it comes to this style, nobody in the Austin area does it better than Jester King.

Their Atrial Rubicite is remarkable in every sense of the word. Made from well water, barley, wheat, hops, and raspberries, the result is a flavorful raspberrylicious, mildly sour, and funky brew.

Atrial Rubicite is best with heavy, fatty foods, and if you like your lobster drenched in mayo or butter, then this beer is a must-try. The acidity and raspberry cut through the fat and ship you straight to hedonist heaven.

3. Independence Brewing – Convict Hill

While stouts, and other hearty brews, are commonly seen as winter drinks, I say this is a matter of personal preference. It isn’t wrong to have a pint of thick, black, chocolatey beer in the summer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Convict Hill’s Oatmeal Stout fits the description perfectly, and if you’re a fan of this style, then you’ll love it with lobster. It may sound counterintuitive to pair such a rich, dense brew with lobster, but – to everyone’s surprise – it goes well.

4. Saint Arnold – 5 O’Clock Pils

Pilsner is a classic Czech style of beer, and few do it better than Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Made in the original Bohemian style, their 5 O’Clock Pils are a drink for any occasion. It’s slightly bready, pleasantly bitter, and even a bit malty. In short, it is the ideal summer refreshment. This beer is an excellent pick if you don’t like your beer overwhelming the lobster’s flavor.

5. Live Oak – Hefeweizen

Live Oak Hefeweizen is one of the quintessential Austin Beer choices for any experience.  Wheat beer is the primary choice for pairing with most seafood but the flavors go particularly well with lobster meat and the seasonings and toppings common in lobster rolls.

Live Oak Hefe has notes of vanilla, clove and banana.  It is one of the top rated hefeweizens in the world and it is a mainstay in almost all craft beer lover’s refrigerators, especially during the summer months.


Article by Kevin Fagan, Outdoor enthusiast, lobster nerd, and content manager for LobsterAnywhere.

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