Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

Two Wheel Brewing Co.

Located at 535 S. Loop 4 in Buda, Texas 78610

It was during a mountain bike ride that Marc Woffenden met his wife, Alexis. When they took the relationship to the next level – no not like that – which was motorcycle riding, the name of their brewery was already taking shape. Two Wheels Brewing Co. opened in March 2017 in Buda and was built with the future in mind.

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile
Marc Woffenden Head Brewer / Founder

Like many of brewers, Marc started brewing with a home kit. He was given one as a Christmas present from his father in law, and his first beer was a stout. “I’ll never forget my first beer,” Marc said. “I remember bottling it and wondering what it would taste like. When I opened the first one, I heard a whist. I thought, that’s a good sign. Then I tasted it. Now, I have tasted a lot of home brews and a lot of them don’t come out very well, but this one was great! I was hooked!” Alexis recalled, “After that, he kept bringing home more and more parts for brewing operation. It seemed like everyday he was bringing home something new.”

He was reading everything he could get his hands on and eventually decided it was time to get serious.

Cradling his newborn in one arm while navigating computer screens with his free hand, Marc, a fourth-grade teacher, began studying the art of brewing online at the American Brewer’s Guild where he studied Brewing Science and Engineering. He finished up the course in Middlebury, Vermont in July 2012.

After completing school, Marc and Alexis, who is an engineer, considered numerous locations for the brewery with a few of them in Austin. Ultimately, they didn’t want to be in an industrial park with other businesses, so they went to Buda, got city council approval for the town’s first brewery and began construction in 2015.

The indoor taproom is a modest size at 50 by 100 feet. They can close a large garage door if it gets too hot or too cold. There also are shaded areas outside with picnic benches.

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

The staff consists of four full-time employees including Marc; Dennis Howell, brewer, who recently moved to Texas from the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York; Douglas Korle, business manager, with an MBA in Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio; and Beth Richter. There also are four part-time employees and of course Alexis, who is involved behind the scenes.

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile
Dennis Howell Brewer

Their capacity is astonishing, and there’s still room to grow. With three 40-barrel fermenters, a 20-barrel fermenter, a 40-barrel bright tank, a 20 –barrel bright tank and a 20-barrel brew house, they can make a lot of beer fast.

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

They currently have three core beers and are considering a fourth one. The three mainstays are:

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

Buda-ful, a blonde that is crisp, clean and very refreshing. It’s golden in color and has a foamy top. It is 25 IBU and 5.3 ABV.

Twin Creeks, a pale ale that gleams a golden to copper color. The taste is a perfect balance between pale malts and hops with light floral notes to the nose. It is smooth and inviting and is not overpowered by hops. It is 39 IBU and 6.2 ABV.

Amber, which is a traditional German amber similar in character to a bock. This beer is crafted with German yeast, malts and hops. When the fermentation is finished, the beer is cold conditioned for a long period of time.

They also have on tap an IPA, a double IPS and a simple rye.

IPA – a well-rounded and highly drinkable beer with a bit of caramel flavor that provides the richness in the body that mellows down the hops. There are a floral hoppy notes to the nose with a of piney hop flavors. It is 6.5 IBU and 6.9 ABV.

Double IPA – a very smooth brew that satisfies the craving for hops but also has a huge amount of malts to balance it out. Even though more hops were used to make this beer than their standard IPA, they are not as pronounced as they are in the IPA. It’s floral, citrusy and spicy but with a nice, sweet finish.

Simple Rye – a sharp, hoppy ale with character comparable to their IPA but with malted rye grains as part of the ingredients. It’s very refreshing with spices form the hops and piney accents and a peppery finish. It is 25 IBU and 5 ABV.

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

Marc is planning for improvements in the future like adding more picnic tables, adding outdoor lights, more shade, a fenced area and possibly enlarge the taproom.

Their mission is to be a part of the community and to grow with it. They are considering making the taproom available for rent for private events. Their beers currently are available at local restaurants including Sean Patrick’s Pub, Casa Maria’s and Long Horn Steak House. A portion of their Buda-ful Blonde sales goes to local charities.

“Sometimes I walk back there (in the brewing area), look around and I’m just stunned. I mean the dream really did come true,” Marc said. “Every week is better than the one before, but we are ready to ramp up.”

Follow Two Wheel Brewing Co. on Facebook and on the web. Check their website for live music events.

This Friday, June 30th, 2017 is their Grand Opening!

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

Location: 535 S. Loop 4 in Buda, Texas 78610
Hours: Thursday and Friday from 4 to 9 p.m.; Saturday noon to 9 p.m.; and Sunday noon to 6 p.m
Pay Structure: They take cash and credit and have beer to go.
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes

Two Wheel Brewing Co. - Texas Craft Brewery Profile

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