4C Brew Barn | A Texas Craft Brewery Profile

Location: 8778 FM 2095, Gause, TX 77857

Hours of Operation: WED-Sat: 11 AM - 8 PM, SUN: 12 PM - 6 PM

Brewery, Market, and Restaurant


4C Brew Barn opened around May of 2021. The owner, Vernon Lang, bought a Farm and Ranch in Gause in 2012 as a weekend getaway for he and his wife, Melissa. They fell in love with the ranch, which was too nice to let go into disrepair or to tear down, so they decided to move to the area permanently as a retirement plan and a way to accomplish many of their key hobbies and goals.  Those goals included farming, ranching, cooking, and creating memorable experiences for their patrons, family, and friends. Eventually, that also included brewing beer, which was a great way to meet and share time with the community and people that pass by and visit this very unique Texas experience.

Vernon Lang
Vernon Lang from 4C Brew Barn


Vernon opened 4C Brew Barn around May of 2021. It is situated on the corner of his 500 square foot farm and ranch, where he and Melissa raise Heritage Hereford Cattle, Pork, Poultry, and some truly unique Guernsey Dairy Cows. They also maintain a fishing pond and a full garden, which they use for many of the onsite restaurant and market offerings that you can purchase from the 4C Market.  They make their own butter, milk (Guernsey milk is absolutely the best milk I have ever tried), and cheese.  They offer bacon, boudin, sausage, beef, and many other homegrown and created items out of the market. I, personally, tried the Wagyu burger and the Boudin and you could taste the quality and care that went into the preparation.

The brewery itself is a pilot system where Vernon experiments and tries out new recipes in 20-gallon batches at a time.  His pilot equipment was purchased from B-52 Brewing in Conroe, Two Wheel Brewing in Buda, and New Republic out of College Station.  He is looking to expand into higher volumes and has explored hiring professional brewers or a brewing assistant to help increase the volume and variety of what he offers.

Guernsey Cow from 4C Brew Barn

4C Brew Barn Chicken Coop


About a year ago, Vernon decided to try making beer. As a non-drinker, that seemed like an odd choice, but in his words, "Who better to make it, than someone that doesn't drink it." Working with a college friend, he tried several recipes and slowly improved the variety and quality of beers that he wanted to offer at the brewery. During our visit, we tried an IPA, a Hefeweizen, a Coffee Stout, an Oatmeal Stout and a Root Beer.  He was also working on a Bock and Grisette that should be available upon publication of this article.  The Oatmeal Stout was the star of the show with a very clean and mellow finish that was a perfect accompaniment to the amazing food offerings at 4C Brew Barn.


4C Brew Barn is an amazing getaway. They also have an onsite RV Park, where they often set up outdoor movies and games for the family.  It is a great place for a quick trip or a weekend getaway.

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