(512) Brewing Company Introduces Canned Beer

(512) Brewing Co. cans
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Brand.

(512) Brewing Company released their newest beer on Sep. 8, the Kolsch. The 4.8% ABV crushable beer will be released as a canned beer, a new style for the brewery. The company is beginning to start the process of canning not only with the Kolsch, but other lower ABV beers. 

“I’ve resisted canning 512 beers since the beginning,” owner Kevin Brand said, “but, it was always an option for us. I had been thinking about it for a while, and finally said ‘yes!’” 

Through the help of a local company, American Canning, the idea of canning beers came to fruition for (512). 

“American Canning really helped us out,” Brand said. “We created the label, and they came in and canned everything within 2 to 3 weeks. The whole process of canning took around 4 weeks.” 

The Kolsch will be a new venture for (512), as the company normally strayed away from lower ABV beers, but with the new legislative change to beer permits, they were able to welcome lower ABV beers with open arms. The new change allows a beer or ale license to become a new malt beverage license.

“We’ve done lagers in the past for a lighter option,” Brand said. “We wanted a low ABV drink, and the Kolsch fit well. I didn’t have the right license before, but after Sep. 1, I got the green light to start the brewing process.” 

(512) will also begin the process of canning their other beers in the coming months, such as their IPA. The new endeavor has been exciting for (512), to say the least.

“Once we have all our ducks in a row, we will hopefully have other canned options out before the new year,” said Brand. “Everyone is upbeat about this, and just being able to say ‘yes” to this has been great.” 

The company will continue to offer their beers in traditional glass bottles, but the canning process is here to stay. They’ve got another addition coming in October as well, with their brand new canned Bock. 

“This is something we’ve never done before,” said Brand. “We love creating new beers, and this has been a really enjoyable experience.” 

Make sure to keep an eye out for the newest beers from (512), and possibly a 13th anniversary party coming in November.


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