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We all know we’re supposed to be supporting our local breweries right now – head out for a B – double E – double R – U – N, y’all – but that doesn’t mean fine beer isn’t made elsewhere. The Firestone Walker folks over in Paso Robles, California, have a wonderful blond ale they’re promoting using a series of slickly produced videos featuring some pretty badass people. About a week ago, they released one featuring fellow Texan and outlaw crooner Paul Cauthen.

It’s one of the latest videos in its ongoing ‘Authenticos’ series from Firestone Walker’s 805 Beer. The videos celebrate “salt-of-the-earth” individuals who FW feel reflect the culture of their beer––a light, blond ale marketed to people doing cool things on their own terms.

If you haven’t heard of Cauthen, he’s a Tyler, Texas native who appears to spend a good deal of time in Austin and was described by Rolling Stone as “country music’s wildman preacher.”A few years ago he was playing the midnight slot at the Saxon to three people; more recently he sold out two nights at Antone’s. He’s done well for himself.

The film follows Cauthen across Texas, showing him playing at Antone’s and enjoying a beer with the band at the Nutty Brown, and onward. Take a drink for every place you recognize. The videos are short, shot in black and white with slick editing and great music. For the musicians, you hear them live, singing what I assume are their favorites. To me, Cauthen sounds like a cross between Sturgill Simpson and Nathaniel Raitliff filtered through Johnny Cash.

“Paul Cauthen does things his own way,” said brewery co-founder David Walker. “We bring a similar mindset to making our beers. It’s a good match.”

Authenticos featured in prior films include backcountry snowboarder Gabe Taylor, professional bull rider Stetson Lawrence, outdoorsman Scott Flint, and country music artist Nikki Lane. I especially liked the video of Randy Johnson, the 65-year-old bronco rider and Meatball, a flat track motorcycle race organizer, and I wish I could get Ashley Sanford’s page to load – one of the few, female Top Fuel Dragster pilots. Fair warning: most of the videos have some ham-handed product placement, but then you shouldn’t be all that surprised.

The 805 Authenticos film featuring Cauthen is live on and on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. The full video and photos of Cauthen’s story can be viewed here.

Photo provided by Firestone Walker

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