Every week, it seems, more and more breweries are entering into the Texas market.

I decided to create a list of every American “craft” brewery that currently has rights to sell in Texas.

I should clarify a couple of TABC rules that regulate breweries coming into Texas.

In order for an out of state brewery, to sell beer in Texas, they must apply for a license (as a brewery) to sell here. This costs in the area of $5-10k for each location the brewery where the beer is brewed. If you take a place like New Belgium (who has a location in CO and NC), they have to apply for a license for both locations. It basically comes down to the address the beer is produced in. This must be approved before you can sell the beer in Texas.

That opens up a couple of loopholes for contract breweries(these are breweries that brew beer for other breweries). For example, Prairie currently distributes to Texas. However, that beer is not made at the same location as their taproom. It is made in Krebs, OK, at the Choc Brewing Company. There is nothing against that, I just figured I would specify why some things may not show up like you would expect.

I also took off major contract breweries that basically make beer for many breweries on the side – one being a location in Memphis that makes beer for Sixpoint. On those, I just listed their main production facility that had approval. 10 Barrel is another that listed many locations that it is brewed from, I just listed one on here.

A Look at Out of State Brewery Distribution to Texas-Prairie Artisan Ales 2

Next, I took out any major macro breweries. Anything that is a major AB-InBev or MillerCoors production brewery is not listed. In general, major contract breweries that make 4Loko and other drinks like that (Not Your Father’s Root Beer) are not listed either. They do not have individual brewery approval and just fall under a blanket of corporate approvals.

I did leave in places that are owned by AB-InBev but that were bought out – basically 10 Barrel, Goose Island, Elysian, etc. Even though they are macro owned, they have their own individual brewery that just makes their own beer.

This list is up to date as of 1/28/16:

Brewery Name State
10 Barrel Brewing OR
Abita Brewing LA
Alaskan AK
Alesmith CA
Alltech’s Lexington Brewing KY
Anchor Brewing CA
Anderson Valley Brewing CA
Atwater Brewing MI
Avery Brewing CO
Backcountry Brewing CO
Ballast Point Brewing CA
Battered Boar Brewing OK
Bayou Teche Brewing LA
Bear Republic Brewing CA
Big Sky Brewing MT
Black Diamond Brewing CA
Blue Point Brewing NY
Boulevard Brewing MO
Breckenridge Brewery CO
Brewery Ommegang NY
Bridgeport Brewing OR
Buffalo Bill’s Brewery CA
Cascade Brewing OR
Champion Brewing VA
Cold Spring Brewing MN
Crazy Mountain Brewing CO
Crown Valley MO
Deschutes Brewery OR
Destihl Brewery IL
Dogfish Head DE
Elevation Beer Company CO
Elysian Brewing WA
Epic Brewing CO
Evil Twin Brewing CT
FX Matt Brewing (Saranac) NY
Fireman’s Brew CA
Firestone Walker Brewing CA
Fish Brewing WA
Flying Dog Brewery MD
Foolproof Brewing RI
Founders Brewing MI
Full Sail Brewing OR
Funkwerks CO
Golden Road Brewing CA
Goose Island Beer Company IL
Gordon Biersch Brewing CA
Great Divide Brewing CO
Green Flash/Alpine CA
Harpoon Brewery MA
Helm’s Brewing CA
Hermitage Brewing CA
Magic Hat NY
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing WI
Jolly Pumpkin MI
Joseph James Brewing NV
Knee Deep Brewing CA
Kona Brewing HI
Krebs Brewing (Prairie) OK
Lakefront Brewery WI
Lagunitas Brewing CA
Lagunitas Brewing IL
Lazy Magnolia Brewing MS
Left Coast Brewing CA
Left Hand Brewing CO
Maui Brewing HI
Mendocino Brewing CA
Mercury Brewing (Clown Shoes) MA
Mission Brewing CA
Nebraska Brewing NE
New Belgium CO
New Belgium NC
New Holland Brewing MI
Ninkasi Brewing OR
No-Li Brewhouse WA
North Coast Brewing CA
Odell Brewing CO
Oskar Blues Brewery CO
Redhook Brewery OR
Rhinelander Brewing WI
Rogue Ales OR
Santa Fe Brewing NM
Santan Brewing AZ
Shipyard Brewing ME
Shmaltz Brewing NY
Sierra Blanca Brewing NM
Sierra Nevada CA
Sierra Nevada NC
Sixpoint Brewery NY
Ska Brewing CO
Smuttynose Brewing NH
Southern Tier Brewing NY
Sprecher Brewing WI
Steven’s Point Brewery WI
Stillwater Artisanal CT
Stone Brewing CA
Sweetwater Brewing GA
The Boston Beer Company MA
Brooklyn Beer Company NY
The Bruery CA
The Spencer Brewery MA
Tommyknocker Brewery CO
Twisted Pine Brewing CO
Uinta Brewing UT
Uncommon Brewers CA
Upslope Brewing CO
Urban Family Brewing WA
Utah Brewers Coop (Squatters) UT
Victory Brewing PA

Now, a look at the numbers by state. Currently, a little over 100 out of state craft breweries have the rights to distribute to Texas. From that, 31 states distribute beer into Texas. Out of those, here are the top 5 states with the most breweries distributing to Texas:

California: 24
Colorado: 16
New York: 9
Oregon: 8
Wisconsin: 5

Nothing really is surprising about where the breweries are coming from into Texas. I was also expecting the number of breweries to be much higher than the 100 number solely based on how many I see getting TABC approvals.

While we have seen a big influx in out of state breweries come into Texas, the laws are still stacked against us on getting breweries here. It takes a lot of money, and commitment, to enter Texas. This is causing many breweries just to skip over Texas when planning their distribution. While the state will argue that the high entry costs protect our local businesses, it is also restricting competition which forces better beer. I do not know of a single local brewery that likes the high entry costs into Texas.

Places like Jester King are constantly battling the TABC to get these laws changed so that they can sell the beer they want to from their bottle shop. Being able to buy a collaboration that they made with Wicked Weed, or a list of other breweries, is not possible with the current regulations solely due to it being brewed at a brewery not approved in Texas. This is just another of the long list of issues with the current TABC laws that are in place.

Thanks to some newer distributors, like Flood Distribution, we are starting to see smaller breweries show up in the Texas market.

A Look at Out of State Brewery Distribution to Texas-Flood Distribution

If you want to stay up to date with the breweries that do get approved into Texas, you can follow me on twitter @andrewlschwab.

A Look at Out of State Brewery Distribution to Texas

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    1. They have approval to sell in TX currently and have been getting label approvals. With that said, I have not seen any on shelves or know who is distributing them. If they have put that much money/time to get all of this approved, I would expect to see them show up sooner, but nothing so far.

      Basically, the way the list was made was by looking through who legally was able to sell beer in TX and they were on there. 99% of them do sell in TX if they have that approval, so hopefully we see them.

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