This is a guest post by J. Darris Mitchell.

Recently I had the humbling yet exhilarating pleasure of sharing a few beers with friends after my first ever book reading. These guys both came out to see me read from my sci-fi novel despite already having read the thing, so what better way to say thanks than a couple of brews?

We were near the Draught House Pub and Brewery over there on Medical Parkway. With the boom of craft beer that’s seized Austin by the gullet, I often forget about the Draughthouse, simply because it’s not on Metric with so many of the other breweries and because its tucked and cozy, like a hobbit’s version of a pub.

And truly a hobbit would be at home in the Draught house. Something about the place just screams Middle Earth to me (well, maybe not screams, more like hums in surprisingly beautiful melodies). I don’t know if it’s the wood, the strangely tall and small space where drinkers line up for more beer, or the men I saw hugging, but something about it just feels from another time. It’s a wonderful change compared to so many of the more modern breweries, which put concrete and steel front and center.

It really feels like a pub. Like a place I could have a beer with my granddad, and maybe watch some foolish kid put a ring on their finger and disappear.

But let’s get to the beers!

Ok, I don’t know if it was because it was a Thursday or what, but the first thing I should mention is that Draughthouse had pints for $3. This alone made me feel like I was in another time. But on top of an appealing price, they were palatable too.

The Mumbai Session IPA was clean, cool, and delicious. This was a beer I’d drink all day—I mean every day!—and I’d love to brew something like it. In a world of chocolate vanilla coffee stouts and juicy brut pineapple sour IPAs it is welcome calm in the storm.

Jim Dandy was the beer of choice for the Hopheads I was drinking with. They each had one and complained endlessly that the other beer they had wasn’t as good.

A Visit To Draught House Pub & Brewery Austin Texas

I was more partial to the Red Planet (big surprise, Mitchell likes another reddish beer!). I just love that malty mouthfeel of a well done red ale and the Red Planet delivers. I’d drink this one when it’s hot, I’d even drink it when it’s not. I’d have it at ye olde Draughthouse, I’d even like it with a mouse!

A Visit To Draught House Pub & Brewery Austin Texas

Not gonna lie, the Amber Waves kind of let me down. It was like the Red Planet, but just not as full bodied in my opinion. It was a bit watery and just wimpy compared to the Red Planet. Maybe I would’ve liked it, but after sip of the other one, well, just go to Mars.

A surprising win was the 90’s IPA. It was rock solid, with just a little whiff of hop stankiness that I appreciated. It kind of reminded me of Arrogant Bastard. Maybe because it was bitter, not super floral, and just damn good. If you like IPAs but don’t go crazy for them, try this. I think you’ll like it!

A Visit To Draught House Pub & Brewery Austin Texas

J. Darris Mitchell is a sci-fi writer from Austin, Texas. He’s drunk beers in 10 countries and on 4 continents and has been drinking fine beers in Austin longer than most of local craft breweries have existed. When not writing, he often spends his weekends brewing beer in his backyard with his darling wife, his two year old son, a fat cat, and six chickens.  You can follow him on Twitter @joedarris.

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