Adelberts’ is releasing Sundowner once again November 2015.

A Biere Brut, or Biere de Champagne, is a blend of the spicy, fruity notes of a Belgian ale balanced with the mouth feel and body of a sparkling wine. Sundowner is brewed with champagne yeast, giving the effervescent ale white grape and green apple notes with a crisp, bone-dry finish. Combine Sundowner and orange juice and voila! Your very own beer-mosa.

picture of Adelberts Sundowner

October 28, 2014 – AUSTIN – Adelbert’s Brewery, a Belgian-style brewery based in Austin Texas, is proud to announce the release of its newest beer, Sundowner, a Bière Brut. Adelbert’s will be the first Texas brewery to produce this style and only ninth in the US to make this highly effervescent, champagne-like beer.

Bière Bruts (also known as Bière de Champagne), which are primarily made in Belgium, traditionally undergo a lengthy maturation period. In keeping with this tradition Adelbert’s will have bottle conditioned Sundowner for three months prior to its release.

“Since our founding, we have sought to create traditional Belgian-inspired ales,” said Scott Hovey, Adelbert’s Founder and Brewmaster. “We are excited to not only be introducing a style that is rarely produced internationally, but to be the first Texas brewery to produce it. We look forward to introducing Texans to this style and eventually the other markets we distribute to as well.”

Sundowner is a blend of the spicy, fruity notes of a Belgian ale balanced with the mouthfeel and body of a sparkling wine. Brewed with champagne yeast, this effervescent ale possesses hints of white grape and green apple with a crisp, bone dry finish.

Sundowner will begin distribution in early November across Texas. Currently, this beer is slated for limited production. However, the brewery may consider more frequent production if it is well received by the market.

“We planned the release of this beer just in time for the holidays,” said Sarah Haney, General Manager of Adelbert’s. “It is our hope that this crossover style will give beer lovers and non-beer fans something to enjoy together. Plus it’s the perfect New Year’s drink for craft beer fans!”

In addition to pairing it with your favorite holiday meal, the brewery recommends pairing it with fresh oysters, crab cakes or goat cheese. Adelbert’s recommends serving it similarly to the way one would serve champagne; between 45-55 degrees in a flute glass.

About Adelbert’s Brewery:
Based in Austin, Texas, Adelbert’s Brewery is committed to brewing Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales for people to seek, savor, and share with others. Adelbert’s uses Bohemian old-world floor malted barley, low alpha Noble Czech hops, fresh yeast propagated at the brewery, and a multi-temperature decoction mash technique. The brewery believes quality beers require quality ingredients and a painstaking attention to detail throughout the brewing process.

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