Give Dry a Try This January

Photo courtesy of Athletic Brewing Co.

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Giving dry a try this January? Athletic Brewing Co. is offering 50% off your first month when you sign up to build a subscription to their monthly delivery program through January 31, 2023. Membership also includes perks like early access to new beer releases and merch, plus a free glass.

So who is Athletic Brewing? Established in 2018, Athletic joined the latest trend of NA (non-alcoholic) beers creating great-tasting craft brew without the alcohol or hangover. Coming in at only 50-70 calories per can, Athletic’s brews fit into any beer occasion, so you don’t have to compromise your social life or choose between having great beer and staying in shape.

From the website: “From the start, our mission has been rooted in combining a love for a healthy lifestyle with a love for great-tasting beer. And our beer is a product of that. What if the crossroads of these two loves were a place? We’re excited to announce Athletic Bar — a place where beer and fitness unite.”

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Photo courtesy of Athletic Brewing Co.

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