This edition of Six Things You Need to Know covers a variety of craft beer topics in the Austin area.

Austin Eastciders Closes Barton Springs Location

Per social media, the Barton Springs location of Austin Eastciders has closed after three years in that location. The original tasting room location, Austin Eastciders Collaboratory will remain open off Springdale road. From the social post, “thank you to all our fans and our Austin, TX community- y’all made Barton Springs possible and we’re grateful. This move will give us an opportunity to refocus our energy and efforts into making the best possible cider that our fans have come to love and provide y’all with more access to finding Austin Eastciders wherever you are…We’re also committed to delivering the best tasting room experience at The Collaboratory and are eager to continue hosting our fans at our original location in Austin.”

Starbase Taproom Has Closed For Now

Starbase brewery opened in 2022 in the space previously occupied by Orf Brewing in south Austin. The taproom is now closed as the brewery pivots to focus on distribution. Here is a full list of openings and closures.

Craft Beer Events are in Full Swing this Spring

Every year, spring brings a volatile weather pattern for Texans with wide swings in temperature and sunshine. However, in Austin, spring also brings a wide variety of craft beer events from festivals to anniversary parties and everything in between. Here is Craft Beer Austin’s comprehensive list of all things craft beer happening around town this spring.

Blue Owl Brewing Now Offers One & Done

Up to now, if you visited Blue Owl Brewing, you have to buy a commemorative glass to get four free on-site tastings. Through a change in licensing, they are now legally able to sell alcohol to be consumed on the property as a single pour or traditional flight. They will continue to offer their tasting glass experience for fans who prefer it. In development is a food menu paired with Blue Owl’s beers using their on-site kitchen. “We’re excited to be offering single pours and welcome locals to swing by and check out the exciting changes happening at the brewery!”

American Canning Introduced New Technology

American Canning introduced aTULC can manufacturing, the first of its kind in the U.S. “We are excited to have this new, sustainable can manufacturing technology officially in production for our local small business craft beer producers to have a greener aluminum can packaging option; as well as bring 30+ green manufacturing jobs to the Austin, Texas area.”

Meridian Hive Releases Blueberry Lemonade

“Our Lemon has always been a huge hit when mixed with other flavors. Late last year, we got together as a team and decided it was time for something new,” says Meridian Hive CEO, Cayce Rivers. “Blueberry Lemonade is light, refreshing and it truly embodies the ‘Better For You’ booze we’ve built our brand on.”

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