Austin Eastciders merges with Blake’s Hard Cider to form largest Independent Cider Company in the United States

Announced 11/1/23

Austin Eastciders (Austin, Texas), Blake’s Hard Cider (Michigan), and Avid Cider Company (Bend, Oregon) have partnered to form Blake’s Beverage Company, the largest independent cider company in the United States.  PR Newswire broke the story this morning, noting that “With operations spanning across New York, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas, Blake’s Beverage Company will have significant scale covering all primary apple-growing regions of the US. This presence ensures a steady apple supply for all brands with a portfolio estimated to be close to two million cases in 2023.”

Each brand shared the announcement on social media to their local communities.  Austin Eastciders announced, “It’s easy to fall in love with Texas (trust us, we know!) and as it turns out, we’ve found ourselves a brand new partner out of Michigan in the Blake’s Hard Cider team. It also turns out that while we were sowing cider seeds, 80 years ago the Blake’s family planted ACTUAL apple seeds and started farming the very ingredients that make our ciders great.”  They then reaffirm their commitment to Austin, saying “Our hometown roots are deep in the east side of Austin (get it? Austin East Side = Austin Eastciders? #Wordplay!) and we don’t have any plans to leave but we’re so TEXAS PROUD of this new partnership and the resulting new parent company, Blake’s Beverage Co., that we had to share it with y’all first.”

If this is your first time getting the Eastciders pun, congrats, it took me a while too!

Blake’s Hard Cider had, um, slightly more aggressive comments, claiming “World Cider Domination.”  “Blake’s Hard Cider is proud to announce a partnership with the incredibly respected brand, Austin Eastciders of Austin, Texas. Through this alignment, a parent company named Blake’s Beverage Co. was born, and we will continue our mission together of growing the hard cider category, while not changing the essence of what makes each brand unique.”

Finally, AVID Cider Co, who were acquired by Blake’s last year, celebrated the new team up as well with a positive message: “Now you might be asking yourself, what does this mean? It means more opportunity for collaboration, expansion, and solidifying cider as America’s drink of choice.  We are more equipped than ever to continue producing high quality cider in the Pacific Northwest and beyond! The excitement is at an all-time high, and we are just getting started.”

Austin Eastciders, with their taproom on Springdale Rd, is a popular spot for Austinites looking for a place to hang out.  “Our founders’ vision 10 years ago was to be the #1 Cider in Texas and the #1 Craft Cider everywhere we choose to go,” stated John Glick, President and CEO of Austin Eastciders, confirming their commitment to both local and national distribution. “With this partnership, we believe we can fulfill our founders’ mission to bring more cider to the masses.”

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