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Located at 61 Rainey Street which opened on February 28th, 2013.


Austin’s Craft Beer scene is booming! We were lucky to be invited for a preview of this unique bar which has an amazing 54 local Texas craft beers on tap! Craft Pride offers 20 oz pints for most beers and 13oz for some Belgian style/high ABV beer. Half pints and flights are also available.  In addition, there are two cask engines located at the bar for limited editions of selected brews.

Craft_Pride_Keg_RoomA separate retail Bottle Shop is located in the rear of the space, which allows guests to purchase their favorite craft beer to go. For those who are gluten intolerant, they also have gluten free beer, organic beer and ciders available in bottles.

The owners, Brandy and JT have been married for 16 years & together for 20 years. Like many people, it was love at first sight with them and Austin during their first trip here. They relocated from Iowa to Austin almost 3 years ago and brought their passion for craft beer & home brewing with them. They have built this customized bar to honor Texas craft beer. They even gave the contractors creative freedom to create a unique and beautiful bar where it truly represents the Pride in “Craft”.  Reclaimed wood was used from the trees in the backyard(and other local resources) for the interior which includes a beautiful unique crafted bar and flight holders.

A wooden cutout of the State of Texas is suspended from the ceiling with a large star representing Austin lines up with a star inlaid in the floor. The entire place is filled with unique design and a high attention to details. Brandy and JT want to make sure that you have the finest experience when you are enjoying your craft beer. Check out these bottle lights!
Craft Pride has a spacious & inviting outdoor seating area in their backyard. Via 313 Pizza food truck which is a Detroit style pizza serves different types of pizza. I tried The Rocket Pie which consists of cheese, hot soppressata, baby arugula and shaved parmesan. The pizza is cut in 4 slices with 4 corners. I never had Detroit style pizza and wasn’t sure what to expect. To my surprise it was delicious and the beer was great too. Pizza really pairs well with the many selections of craft beer Craft Pride has to offer. If you are not sure of the pairing, you can always ask one of the bartenders for help.
CraftPride Via313

Craft Pride is unique in utilizing the various elements of selections to customize this one of a kind craft beer bar. It is inviting and shows the pride and passion that Brandy & JT have put into it.



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