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Looking for Beer Delivery in Austin? Upset Favor won’t deliver beer?

BrewDrop to the rescue!

I’d imagine it would be a safe bet that if you’re reading this article you have a love for beer. However, strong that love may be, it’s probably an equally safe bet that there was at least one time when you found yourself out of beer and had to choose between rekindling that love or remaining in the comforting arms of your favorite ass-receptacle. Well, my friends, the time of having to choose has come to an end, if you are fortunate enough to live in one of these zip codes, BrewDrop will deliver beer(wine & liquor too!) to you. (Current zip codes with more being added: 78701 78731 78702 78750 78703 78751 78705 78752 78721 78756 78722 78757 78723 78759)

BrewDrop Screenshot Showing Craft Beers - Beer Delivery in AustinBrewDrop is currently available from the App Store for iPhone & iPad, and in the Play Store for Android. Once I downloaded the app to my iPhone, the user creates a profile within the app and enters the delivery zip code. The app then allows the user to browse the available inventory. While by no means exhaustive, I found the selection of beers (also wine and liquor) to be fairly extensive given how new the service is. Everything was also reasonably priced. Payment and delivery information can be entered at anytime and is saved under the profile. The ordering process is straightforward and user friendly. At checkout, the order items are reviewed along with total cost, including tax and the $5 delivery fee. After the order is placed, the app sends an email notification and displays an elapsed time counter.

BrewDrop Screenshot Showing Cart - Beer Delivery in Austin BrewDrop Screenshot Showing Order Status - Beer Delivery in Austin BrewDrop Screenshot Showing Order Status - Beer Delivery in Austin

My particular order took about 40 minutes to arrive. The driver was able to find my apartment with no assistance, no small feat given the maze I live in. Another note on their service, one of the items I ordered was mis-priced. I received a phone call within minutes from the manager of Far West Liquor (the BrewDrop partner filling my order), who was extremely friendly and cooperative in resolving the issue.
My first experience with BrewDrop was overwhelmingly positive. Given the selection and quality of the service, the $5 delivery fee is minimal, especially considering the upsides like not having to fight Austin traffic, not missing any of the game, or not risking a DUI to keep the pool party going.

With how well the service works, I hope they have enough weekend drivers for the start of football season.

Beer Delivery in Austin has Arrived!BrewDrop Delivers Craft Beer To Us

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