4th Annual Beer for Water Event Happening at Live Oak October 2nd

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The Texas Land Conservancy’s Beer for Water event is coming up this weekend.

While less heralded than hops, grain, or yeast, water is essential to any craft beer. Water is used from beginning to end of the brewing process, and 80 to 90 percent of the final product is water. Breweries also use water to clean, cool, and package beer. As a result, the average brewery uses seven gallons of water for each gallon of beer.

Brewers nationwide are trying to find ways to conserve or reuse water. Even with these conservation efforts, dwindling water supplies and extreme weather will make the brewing process more expensive and less practical in the future. A 2020 promotional stunt by New Belgium set the price of a six-pack at $100 for a day, the estimated cost of a six-pack in 2070 based on current climate and water trends.

Water scarcity is an even more urgent problem in Texas. A combination of rapid population growth, longer droughts, and excessive usage have led to low reservoirs statewide, especially along the Rio Grande. Better stewardship and preservation of Texas watersheds is the mission of the Texas Land Conservancy. TLC’s work focuses on six critical watersheds throughout the Lone Star State, including the Llano, Pedernales, Medina, and Brazos locally. They aim to educate and provide support to private landowners in setting up conservation easements that limit future development.

The Texas Land Conservancy and Live Oak Brewing are teaming up for the fourth annual Beer for Water fundraiser, taking place October 2nd from 1-5 pm. In addition to hosting the event, Live Oak will be donating $1 of every pint sold to TLC. The fundraiser will also feature live music and food from three different artists and food trucks. Other draws include a silent auction and raffles for both kids and adults. More information about Beer for Water is available on TLC’s website.

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