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A Bottle Share is when Craft Beer enthusiasts and/or people new to Craft Beer get together and bring a unique and special beers to share.

My first bottle share took place before I moved to Austin in New Jersey about 3 years ago hosted by Mike from New Jersey Craft Beer.  I didn’t know there were any rules/etiquette to follow. While there might be different levels of craft beer drinkers (some homebrew and others just drink it), what they all have in common is their passion & love for craft beer.

We brought some unique bottles that we had. I didn’t notice anyone being a jerk although there was a surprise glass of Ghost Face Killah going around. One guy did get drunk and went outside to lay down on the curb. The neighbors called the police but luckily it turned out OK. His wife came and picked him up.

You don’t want be that guy…drink responsibly.

Ghost Face Killah label

I really had a good time, met a lot of new people and drank some really special beers.

Here is a simple guide for your first bottle share:

1. Follow the host/organizer rules. If you are the host then invite some friends over and tell them the rules.

2. Bring a special or unique bottle or two(or three) of Craft Beer (preferably 22 oz or 750ml). I try to bring beer that is not available in Austin(or wherever the bottle share is taking place) for everyone to try. To get craft beer that is not local you will need to do beer trades or buy beers when you travel. The hard part is saving them for a bottle share!

3. Let the host open the beers unless they ask you to open one. Usually everyone will get about 2oz to try of each beer. This is to make sure there is enough of that beer for everyone to try.

4. Be nice and be social. After all that is what bottle sharing is about: Being able to share special beers and meet other Craft Beer enthusiasts.

5. If you are the host, have plenty of water around and serve some snacks like cheese and crackers, chips and salsa and so on.

The picture below is from my first bottle share in Austin at Hi Hat Public House. This is what it looked like towards the end of it!

Bottle Share Austin


Bottle Share May 2014This is a small bottle share that I hosted with some close friends at my house.

 I really enjoy bottle shares whether I host them myself or I’m a guest. It is definitely a good time to be had while socializing with other craft beer enthusiasts while trying different craft beers.

I hope you enjoyed our Beginners Guide To Craft Beer Bottle Shares!

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