Foodies will gladly pair just-released Brewers’ Pale Ale with warm-weather favorites like fish tacos and pesto pasta, while celebrators will prep for spring & summer barbecues by stocking up on Anchor Liberty Ale, the beer that sparked a revolution. Nature-lovers will chug Anchor California Lager, knowing that every sip celebrates California State Parks. From classic brews to just-released brews, Anchor Brewing has something for every beer-lover.

For the Foodie – Your Go-To Beer Pairing for Favorite Spring Dishes: Brewers’ Pale Ale (5.3% ABV)
Availability: Year-Round

Released in February 2018, Brewers’ Pale Ale is an aromatically complex, double dry-hopped ale that’s crisp, refreshing and flavorful. While the first version highlights the unique Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand, providing a deliciously fruity character, Anchor brewers will continue to experiment with different hop varieties, showcasing evolved recipes and new hop blends throughout the year. Brewers’ Pale Ale finishes fairly dry with a nice balanced drinkability, making it an excellent lunchtime beer—and the perfect pairing for spring favorites like fish tacos, pesto pasta, or a nice, savory steak sandwich.

Best Spring Beers for Every Style: From Anchor Brewing

For the Celebrator – Your Go-To Beer for Spring & Summer Barbecues: Anchor Liberty Ale (5.9% ABV)
Availability: Year-Round

When Liberty Ale was released in 1975, it changed the world of craft beer. Brewed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, Liberty Ale was the first American IPA brewed after prohibition. It introduced America to the Cascade hop and the nearly lost art of dry-hopping, a steeping process to infuse beer with bold hop aromas. What better pairing for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, or any spring or summer barbecue?

Forty-three years after its release, Liberty Ale stands on its own as the revolutionary forerunner of contemporary IPAs and pale ales. From the beer that started a revolution in 1975 to Brewers’ Pale Ale in 2018, with its evolving hop blend, Anchor continues to be at the forefront of innovations in pale ale.

Best Spring Beers for Every Style: From Anchor Brewing

For the Nature-Lover – Your Go-To Beer for Enjoying the Great Outdoors…and Giving Back to the Great Outdoors: Anchor California Lager (4.9% ABV)
Availability: Year-Round in select US Markets

Anchor’s roots go back to the Gold Rush, long before icehouses and modern refrigeration made traditional lagers a viable option in California. In 1876, thanks to an ice pond in the mountains and a belief that anything is possible in the Golden State, a little brewery named Boca created California’s first genuine lager. In 2013, Anchor introduced Anchor California Lager as a revival of this historic beer—a flavorful, easy-drinking golden lager.

In February of 2013, Anchor Brewing initiated a partnership with California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) in conjunction with the release of Anchor California Lager in the Golden State. To date, a portion of the proceeds from Anchor California Lager supports conservation projects in California State Parks that help enrich the state’s natural beauty and history. Every sip of California Lager celebrates the heritage and beauty of the Golden State’s 280 unique parks.

Best Spring Beers for Every Style: From Anchor Brewing

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