Bluebonnet Beer Company was recently featured in a short documentary by Petro films as part of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce’s initiative to promote local businesses and inspire future business creation.

Bluebonnet Beer

We were contacted by the Round Rock Chamber, because they felt that our style of documentary storytelling would help attract entrepreneurs to Round Rock, Texas. The objective was to create films that cultivate the business network in Round Rock, by revealing an intimate look at some unique stories of business advancement in the area. The Chamber gave us a selection of several businesses in the community, and our attention was drawn immediately to Bluebonnet Beer & Round Rock Honey. You can see the films we created for Round Rock Honey here.

The product that Claire and David Hulama create at Bluebonnet is one that relies on the support of the community that surrounds them. Their fans join them at the brewery every Friday night to taste their brews and spend time with one another, and local restaurants serve many of their seasonal beers on tap. It’s a story that began when their kids were already teenagers and their careers had already blossomed in the tech industry. David fell in love with brewing beer in his garage which attracted a few friends, then all the neighbors, and inspired an expansion that the entire town could enjoy. The fluctuation in quality and flavor that he experienced with other craft brews was something he and Clair aimed to do differently. His passion altered their paths tremendously, and we knew this story would inspire others to follow suit.

David is a brewmaster, and he explained the process of creating a beer from scratch and making it just right, over and over again. We were hooked by the depth of this story, and we worked to create a film about Bluebonnet that would hook viewers the same way. It’s a story that every small town business strives for – creating a product you’re incredibly proud of, surrounded and supported by the community you love, all while working with your family. They’re primarily a team of 2 that seems to do the work of many more. David focuses on the brewing methods and menu, while his wife and biggest fan, markets the beer to the local restaurants.

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