New guidance from the TABC just came out that will allow breweries and brewpubs across the state to temporarily modify their licensed premises for alcohol consumption.

So what does that mean? In a nutshell, breweries can temporarily modify their license to exclude the patio or outdoor area. By doing so, consumers are allowed to buy beer-to-go, then venture to the newly unlicensed outdoor space and enjoy their purchase. Retailers are also allowed to modify premises to expand service, such as a restaurant adding an outdoor space.

Snippet from the TABC Temporary Modification of Licensed Premises guidance.

While this is fantastic news for the local craft beer scene, know before you go! These businesses were previously operating with strict guidelines and those will still be in place. Be aware of their procedures including masks while ordering, social distancing in line, not moving the outdoor seating, and following any time limits or table occupancy rules. And this needs to be clear, breweries are not bars. If you cannot follow their simple and safe guidelines, which are also in place to also ensure the safety of their staff, then please stay home.

Here is a list of Austin area breweries that can potentially reopen their outdoor space.

Edit: I would like to include the list of all breweries operating to-go as those without outdoor spaces currently may choose to add an one given the new opportunity.

Taking advantage of this modification is optional, so check with the brewery’s social media accounts before you go.

Although this measure will be helpful to some breweries, it’s not a holistic solution. Let your voice be heard by signing the Texas Craft Brewers Guild petition!


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