Three Beer Collaboration Projects Supporting Ukraine

Brew for Ukraine: photo courtesy of Pravda Brewery

An Instagram post went viral days after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Pravda Brewery, located in the western city of Lviv, Ukraine, posted a picture of one of their popular beers “Putin Huylo,” (roughly translates to Putin is a d**khead), filled with fuel to become Molotov cocktails instead of beer. The public response was overwhelming and the post was quickly followed with ways to provide donations to help the people of Ukraine. Since then, three different projects have emerged to provide donations and support for Ukraine: Victory Beer Series, Drinkers for Ukraine, and Brew for Ukraine.

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Victory Beer Series

On Sunday, Pravda announced the project “Brew for Ukraine” on their Instagram profile encouraging any brewery, big or small, to participate in brewing the Victory Beer Series, providing access to five of their beer recipes, labels, and even online brewing sessions. To participate, Pravda is requesting direct donations to their relief fund as the city prepares for battle, “as peaceful craft brewers, we want to return to the normal life asap and enjoy brewing and drinking,” the company wrote on its website, “but first we much kick the cockroaches out of our land…Soon we will win this war and have a good beer. The Beer of Victory.”

Donate to the GoFundMe here.

Drinkers for Ukraine

As the humanitarian crisis escalates, people everywhere want to provide help but are unsure how to do so. Lana Svitankova, a writer, translator, educator, and Ukraine’s first-ever Certified Cicerone started sharing donation resources on social media. As so many were looking for ways to help, Lana along with Richard Croasdale, Robyn Gilmour and the team at Ferment magazine, and Eoghan Walsh put together a multi-faceted initiative working with friends and colleagues across the drinks industry to raise funds for the Red Cross humanitarian relief.

There are multiple ways to get involved:

Photo courtesy of Drinkers for Ukraine

Brew for Ukraine

Another collaboration beer project featured on social media Brew for Ukraine employs simple guidance as opposed to providing specific recipes. Simply brew any beer of your choice and donate a portion of the profits to any charity of your choice that is providing support to Ukraine. “We’re just a bunch of people from the Polish beer industry wanting to help by providing a platform! Much as we want to see the conflict resolving soon and in favour of Ukraine, we fear that a long-lasting situation is more likely, so we want to focus people’s effort towards humanitarian relief actions – whichever way it may develop.”

From Facebook:
What can you do? Get in touch with us, brew a beer of your design, donate some of the profits from that beer to any charity of your choice that is supporting the nation of Ukraine. It is that simple. This is completely voluntary and relies on a trust system. What will we do? There is no fixed recipe but we are happy to offer help and guidance for anybody who needs it. When you contact us, we will provide guidelines for messaging and labeling. Everything we provide is open source and free for public use. Our social media is a 100% volunteer platform created to promote the effort and to share and spread the news of the project. For anyone interested in joining please email us at
Photo courtesy of Brew for Ukraine

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