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BS Brewing


BS Brewing Winterfest Party

I always look forward to trying a new brewery, whether it is in another state, country, or even just a few miles outside of Austin. So venturing into BS brewery for the first time on December 6 was exciting. In the small, quaint town of Seguin is BS Brewery. In my opinion, every small town needs a local brewery instead of their local Dairy Queen. They were holding their annual Winterfest Party for the second time. This was enough of an excuse to make the trek out there.

This year it featured 11 beers, a local food vendor, and a band! Their brewery is located on a large piece of farmland which provided lots of parking and great view of the stars at night. It is always nice to get away from the city lights. For ten dollars, you received a glass and two pours. Yet, two pours is never enough, especially for beer that you have never tried. Thankfully you could buy more tickets to sample great crafts. Their lineup included their three year round beers, Caedmon’s Ale, Seguin Ale, and College Chronic. The rest of the taps included some of theirmore limited beers like (Bourbon Barrel Aged) Pale Reserve, 1888 Whitechaple, Pecan Ale with Honey, Seguin Ale with Vanilla, Punkmin Latte Milk Stout, Pumpkin Berliner Weisse, Chocolate Cherry Stout,and Vanilla Porter.

BS Brewing

I have visited some small breweries that make great beers. This one though, I must say, is one of the smallest. Even with limited space and a small system, they really did impress! The only thing I regretted, and probably for the better, is that I did not taste the Pale Reserve until the end, in which I immediately ordered another. Of course, I usually love any beer name with bourbon in it – don’t we all? All in all, I will be ordering their beer again. BS Brewing has been on tap at the Dig Pub, in Cedar Park, and the Brass Tap, in Round Rock. You most likely will not find in Austin city limits any time soon, though. If you do venture to the San Antonio area, you are much more likely to find it at some of the local beer bars.

It did sound like they have interest in putting in a bar to have set taproom hours. They would also like to switch their license to a brewpub, so that they could do growler fills. You can follow BS Brewing online at the following places:


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  1. You need to try BS Brewing again! They have at least 4 regular beers to offer now: Seguin Ale, Caedmon’s Ale, College Chronic, and Pecan Ale with Honey. Rotating in and out is Ashlyn’s Abbey and fall selections coming up are Punkmin Latte, White Chapel 1888 (people wish that one was around year round). The 4th Annual Winter Festival is planning for several special beers also. They are also open on Friday night from 5-9 pm and Saturday from 2 – 8 pm. Saturdays have live music and potluck! Extremely friendly place to spend an evening.

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