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Southpaw Brewing Co. located at 2415 S. Bell Blvd., Cedar Park

In mid-August, Southpaw Brewing Co. quietly opened their doors. After years of planning, husband and wife team Rod and Tori Beavan did not expect to open to an empty taproom amid a global pandemic. But that’s exactly what happened and they quickly pivoted to a beer-to-go model. We stopped by on their second day open to the public and chatted with them briefly (at a safe distance) and then brought home all four of their beers in growlers: Burch’s Run Pale Ale, Bodie’s Guard IPA , Flordia Man Ale, Axel’s Waggle Double IPA.

As of today, they are able to safely host guests in their 900 square foot tasting room per the TABC’s latest guidance. I caught up with Rod after our visit to learn more about the brewery:

Where did the name Southpaw come from? What’s behind it?

The name Southpaw came about after several months of brainstorming with beers in hand; as we wanted a name that would represent our location, love for animals, and I just so happen to be a lefty.  We thought the name Southpaw encompassed all of those attributes. As mentioned our love of animals was a big part of the name and in the future, we plan on having a rotating tap that will directly benefit local animal charities.

Tell us a little bit more about how you got started and why you decided to open a brewery.

I got started home brewing out of joy for beer and I tend to have a very DIY attitude. Homebrewing became somewhat of an obsession to where it got to the point that our garage turned into a brewery. During my homebrewing phase, I was lucky enough to have met and brewed with several professional breweries, and at that time I just wanted to learn techniques from the pros.  Brewing became such a part of my life, family and friends started telling me I should open a brewery.  I brushed it off for several years as I didn’t think it was possible, plus my wife and I were just enjoying a happy life. As we all know change is inevitable and after spending almost 20 years in the corporate world, it was time for me to make a change. Overall I really enjoyed my life in the corporate world: got to travel; learned a lot; met some great people; and experienced some truly great events.  I will not go into details, but it was the last two years that really paid its toll on me and my family. My totally amazing wife finally had enough and one night told me: “it’s time” and I knew what she met. From that point forward my wife and I have been focused on this project. I am very thankful to my wife for taking the lead and realizing that I needed change in my life; beer brought us together when we first met and it has kept us happy.

What do you want people to know about your brewery?

Southpaw is a truly family-owned and operated business that opened to pursue a passion for good beer.


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