JesterKingIf you are new to craft beer, one thing you’ll notice right away is the sense of community. For those of us who grew up with the corporate beer culture, you know hot babes, beer bongs, 6er of the good stuff (which was new castle or heineken) and a case of the nasties.  Those days of drinking until you can’t feel your limbs or waking up in a neighbors lawn or getting thrown out of a sporting event to a round of applause by the entire section you were sitting in… those days are over. With Craft Beer, its not about getting drunk, sure there’s lots of beer to try, some with wicked high alcohol content as well but being a drunk slob isn’t where the scene’s at. With the Craft Beer Community, you are a brother & a friend amongst strangers, you’ll always be welcomed to share your story. Craft Beer is something born out of the passion of men and woman who love beer and we share in that light, for a few moments while we taste, share and reflect on each new beer. We all have our favorites (Double Pecan Porter from 512 is mine) and we all have stories that go along with how we found that favorite, or why we like really bitter hoppy beer, or how hard we fought for that last bottle of world wide stout only to share it with 6 other people.

Welcome friend to the Craft Beer Community. Pull up a stool and make friends, all are welcome because its not about you, or me, or anyone, its just about a love for beer and the 1,000s of subtle features and flavor profiles that go along with it. Say hello and make a new friend, you’ll never have an experience like this with your corporate beer friends, I guarantee it.

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