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Finding Your Path in the Industry Through Service

An excerpt from the latest Craft Beer Professionals Panel:

As industry members, we often find ourselves becoming members of organizations that create opportunities for us to advance our careers through networking, education, or experiential opportunities. Though some of these organizations may be run solely by paid employees, often time they are spearheaded by a group of super volunteers who donate their time and passion outside of their day jobs. So how do you go from just being a part of an organization to an integral member who is dedicated to being in the room when decisions are made that can impact hundreds, even thousands of individuals?

Join Pink Boots Society as we have a conversation that will explore the transition from being a member to a leader within an organization and strategies for balancing work life with volunteerism and advocacy. Our panelists will feature members who have been career volunteers with Pink Boots Society for many years. We will learn what drove them to a path of service, how they manage their day jobs on top of the demands of volunteer positions, as well as the ups and downs that come along with the roles.

Panelists: Angi Thomas (Being Black in Craft)
Ashlie Randolph (Lifting Lucy)
Blanca Quintero (Highland Park Brewery)
Jen Jordan (Laughing Monk Brewing)
Pam Catoe (
Moderator: Georgina Solis (Walking Stick Brewing Company)

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