Craft Beer Style - Tripel
Tripel Karmeliet

One of my favorite Craft Beer Styles is the Belgian Tripel. This style originated in Belgium in the 1930s and is in the family of strong Belgian pale ales. The ABV usually ranges from 8% to 10%. They are generally gold in color with a nice big head. The taste is generally sweet which comes from the malts and high alcohol content.  The aroma is usually spicy, sweet and fruity from the Belgian yeast. You can definitely taste a little bitterness for such a light bodied beer. This is one of my favorite style of beers and it is usually poured into a tulip or a snifter glass. Both are wide bodied and allow you to capture the great aroma.

Craft Beer Style - Tripel
Real Ale Devil’s Backbone

This is the style of beer we often use to gateway non craft beer friends and family with. The golden color and sweetness masks the high ABV which takes many people by surprise(but in a good way)!

Some of my favorite Belgium Tripel’s are Tripel Karmeliet, Westmalle Trappist, Saint Bernardus, and Golden Carolus. Some of my favorite local Texas Tripel’s are Adelberts Tripel B, Devil’s Backbone by Real Ale and Golden Ale by South Austin Brewing. Honorable mentions goes to Canada’s Unibroue La Fin Du Monde(The End of the World) and Pennsylvania Brewery Weyerbacher’s aptly labeled Merry Monks(hopefully they will distribute to Texas soon).

Belgian Tripel Style
Weyerbacher Merry Monks Tripel

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