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A recent movement to change the name of Dripping Springs to “Pound Town” in honor of it’s founder Dr. Joseph Pound created quite a stir over the past few weeks. As it turns out, the petition and subsequent GoFundMe page was meant to be in fun, “this is an initiative that some DSHS alum and local business owners have been kicking around for a few years. ” per the GoFundMe page.

Nonetheless, several local breweries are getting in on the fun and a few plan to release a beer and donate a portion of their proceeds to the historical farmstead.

Last Stand Brewing Company is releasing a series of Kolsch beers this weekend called the Poundtown Series: The Dr is In, an easy spring Kolsch, The Dr is Wired, a Coffee Kolsch and The Dr’s Infusion, a Kolsch infused with Strawberry & Tangerine. According to Marketing Director Sarah Haney, $1 from each pint sold will benefit the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead.

Three other breweries are getting in on the fun as well, Hitmaker Brewing Co., Twisted X Brewing Co., and Suds Monkey Brewing will all be participating in a Pound Town pub crawl and donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Photo via Facebook

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