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Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017

Ready to escape the heat with a river trip or visit to the lake? Go Texan with these great local beers, good for easy drinking all summer long. Check out my Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017!

For those who enjoy an early start on their aquatic adventures, Seven Spanish Angels makes a wonderful breakfast beer. Brazos Valley Brewing Company crafts this cold brewed coffee ale with chocolate, brown and biscuit malts, then blends it with Independence cold brewed pecan coffee. The result is 12 ounces of delicious pecan coffee flavor, with a much lighter body than the porters and stouts that usually come to mind when you think of coffee flavored beers.

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017

Next up, Mango Wit from Adelbert’s Brewery it combines lemon peel and mango for a well-balanced Belgian wheat ale. This is my go-to summer beer. After being introduced to it by Andy and Happy, a dynamic duo of good-humored bartenders at Adelbert’s Brewery, I was delighted to learn that the Mango Wit comes in cans, perfect for stocking up a cooler for the river. Part of their “Whimsical” rotating release series, Adelbert’s notes this beer is “best enjoyed with warm weather and a smile.”

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017

If you love hops but want something lighter than an IPA for summertime fun, try Frontier, a dry-hopped draft mead that has a floral hoppy flavor without the bitterness or ABV of a big IPA. Produced by Meridian Hive, Austin’s only meadery, Frontier sits at 6.5% ABV and is dryer than your average honey wine, giving you a lightly carbonated hoppy beverage that’s not overly sweet. This is a great alternative for those who are gluten intolerant, or anyone who simply wants to keep Austin weird and try something different.

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy True Love. Martin House Brewing Company’s True Love Raspberry Sour is more tart than sweet, kind of like sour raspberry candy for adults. Raspberries added during fermentation give the beer its purple hue and slight sweetness. If you’re looking for some summer lovin’ (or just a tasty fruit sour to share with friends), grab a six pack and spread the love.

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017


Even if you don’t make it to the ocean this summer, you can still get a decent dash of sea salt in a good Gose. One such beer, Silly Gose is Community Beer Company’s new favorite summer beer. This German-style sour wheat ale is brewed with sea salt, coriander, tangerine peel and apricot puree, making the resulting brew slightly tart with a salty finish. Crack one of these open on the lake and you’ll almost feel like you’re at the beach.

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017
Photo Credit: Community Beer Co

The final beer in our six pack, River Ride Session Blonde Ale by Guadalupe Brewing Company it pairs perfectly with fun in the sun. The can features a white egret, majestically evoking the spirit of the great outdoors. Brewed with noble hops and a touch of rye malt, this beer is the epitome of easy drinking, promising to “take your tastebuds for a smooth ride.”

Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017
Photo Credit: Guadalupe Brewing

I hope you enjoyed reading my Favorite Summer Six-Pack Beers In Texas 2017!

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