You may have seen some pics of Austin Beerworks’ Crazy 99 pack (going for a ultra reasonable $99.99) going to some lucky beer peeps today.

Seemed like most stores were raffling off the chance to buy one.

If you were lucky enough to get one send us your pics and we will post up here.

Picture of Austin Beerworks Anytime Ale Peacemaker 99 Pack

Austin Beerworks launches renamed Peacemaker Anytime Ale with world’s first 99-Pack


August 2014, Austin, TX – Austin Beerworks partnered with Helms Workshop to christen their award-winning Peacemaker with a new name: Anytime Ale. To add to the celebration, Peacemaker Anytime Ale will be available in the world’s first-ever 99-Pack for only $99.99.

“We wanted to launch the newly-named Peacemaker with our first official advertising campaign.  While brainstorming with Helms Workshop – who do our stellar branding – we came up with the strategy that Anytime is a good time for a Peacemaker,” says Michael Graham, cofounder of Austin Beerworks.


When listing Peacemaker-appropriate occasions, the Helms team quickly came up with a ton. That sparked an idea – as a beer that is enjoyed anytime, it’s best to have more than a few on-hand. Continues Graham, “This inspired us to create the world’s first and only 99-Pack. What started out as a joke became very real when we realized how much people love the idea of 99 beers for $99.99!”


Helms Workshop set to work with Beef & Pie Productions and Source Pixel Foundry on developing a ridiculous launch video and, a site for fans to share and tag their Anytime moments. The finished product landed on the front page of Reddit – even before the official launch.


To get the word out about Peacemaker Anytime Ale’s 99-Pack, Helms Workshop and Austin Beerworks are bolstering a full outdoor and print campaign with social media and word-of-mouth. Tagging online posts with #AnytimeAle and following Austin Beerworks’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages is the only way to find out where these elusive packages are sold.

The Anytime Ale 99-Packs will be available in stores later this week. For complete details, please visit

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