Greenhouse Craft Food - Interview With Chef Rob Snow

Greenhouse Craft Food is located in Round Rock, Texas

If you have not been to Greenhouse Craft Food, you should definitely check them out. Our first time was for a Saint Arnold beer pairing dinner. All of the beer pairings were spot on, beautiful presentation and the food was to die for.

Greenhouse Craft Food - Interview With Chef Rob Snow

We wanted to know more about Greenhouse Craft Food, and their passion for craft beer, so we asked Chef Rob Snow owner and executive chef some questions:

Where does the name Greenhouse Craft Food come from and what does it mean?

RS: I was looking for a name that automatically made you think of fresh local food, and we finally decided on Greenhouse Craft
Food, after considering many names. I also knew that Craft Beer would be a big part of what we do, so having that in the name seemed to work well.

Why is the local beer scene important to you?

RS: I have always believed in taking care of the people that take care of you, and the closer those people are to you, the easier that is! Texas Craft Beer is some of the best out there, so focusing on Texas, and even more specifically Central Texas, works well. The people we deal with on a daily basis in the beer industry are out there working hard, doing what they love, just like we are doing at the restaurant.

Greenhouse Craft Food - Interview With Chef Rob Snow

What gave you the idea to incorporate local breweries to your business?

RS: After working with many breweries in my capacity as a chef for other restaurants, I knew I would base my beverage program around local craft beer. In 2013, when we opened in Round Rock there were not many choices to find great Texas craft beer on tap. Now it is more available which is good for everyone!

Do you find a correlation with your food creations and the local craft beer?

RS: Todd Engel (Chef de cuisine) and I spend a good portion of our time developing menus to specifically pair with beer. Over the last 4 years we have hosted close to 40 beer pairing dinners.

Greenhouse Craft Food - Interview With Chef Rob Snow

Are there any events coming up for Greenhouse Craft Food?

RS: Our biggest beer pairing dinner of the year for 2018 will be held this coming January 21. We will be hosting 5 different breweries and creating a menu featuring all barrel aged beers. Breweries confirmed include Red Horn, Bluebonnet, St. Arnold, Independence, and Community. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more upcoming announcements!

What can we expect in the near future?

RS: We are always looking for that next, perfect location, so Greenhouse expansion is in the near future. We will continue to support our local breweries with beer pairing dinners and pint nights at the restaurant and continue to provide food for the Austin Steam Train Beer Flyer!

Greenhouse Craft Food - Interview With Chef Rob Snow

Greenhouse Craft Food – Interview With Chef Rob Snow

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