Grand Opening Saturday September 5, 2015!

IronSight Brewers- Texas Craft Brewery Profile

IronSight Brewers – Texas Craft Brewery Profile

3200 Woodwall Dr. # C-1 Cedar Park, Texas

The People:
It’s been a long road for Robert Chaney and his brother in law Grady Reynolds, but the day has finally come: IronSight Brewers will hold its grand opening party this Saturday, September 5th from 12-4pm. Robert and Grady have always had things in common. Robert’s love for craft beer began when he was introduced to Newcastle several years ago followed by Stone IPA, which sealed the deal. He would never look back. Robert shared his enthusiasm with Grady and they found common ground. Grady’s love for craft beer was fostered during his days working in a pub in San Marcos and as they say, the rest was history. Robert started doing research, which included a trip to the Colorado brew scene, and soon after delved into home brewing. He showcased his recipes at weddings and family functions to elicit feedback and soon his recipes were winning awards at home brewing competitions.

IronSight Brwers Barrels
Credit: Andrew Schwab

The Beers:
The idea behind the brewery is to make excellent beer as part of a community that thrives and grows together, “you can be certain only the finest hops and grains are used in every batch of IronSight beer and it is our goal to provide you, our family, friends, and neighbors, the best tasting locally brewed beer”.

The two are working full time jobs and full time at the brewery in order to fulfill their dream of making great beer. After the grand opening and TABC approvals, you’ll find the core four on tap at places local to the area like the Brass Tap, Dig Pub, and other pubs in the Cedar Park area. They plan to can the core four in the future and distribute to independently owned local bottle shops. However, at the brewery you will be able to sample some of the award winning experimental brews and the seasonals that you won’t be able to find on tap anywhere else.

You can find a full description of the Core Four Beers on their Facebook page:
IronSight Cream Ale – The Cream Ale aims to stay true to its prohibition roots with American grown Malts, flaked corn and the perfect blend of hops that will surely satisfy the most sophisticated beer drinker.

White IPA – The White IPA is an unfiltered Belgian-style white ale with a fresh American IPA finish. Brewed with malted wheat and just the right amount of west coast hops. It’s fermented with German yeast to give it a perfectly balanced character with enough bitterness to rival traditional IPAs.

Oatmeal Pale Ale – Their version of the American Pale Ale is anything but typical, brewed using copious amounts of rolled oats to increase body and give a sweet creamy finish. This is a clean Pale Ale with low hop bitterness but lots of powerful hop flavor from the American hops that balance the malt flavors for an unmistakable taste.

Amber Ale -The Amber Ale is the darkest of their flagship beers and is brewed using Premium American 2 row, rich crystal malts, and dark toasted malts to give it a deep reddish/amber hue and medium body. American hops and a special yeast strain help complement the malt complexity and give unique layered caramel malt finish that make this beer the perfect complement to Texas BBQ.

IronSight Beers

The Brewery:
The name IronSight Brewers reflects the hands on nature of brewing and the simplicity the manual process. Simplicity may not be the right word, but the idea of pushing a button doesn’t appeal to Robert. The glycol cooler for the fermenters are custom made, the keg cleaners are handmade and the 3 barrel system itself was custom built. During our interview, Robert frequently had to stop and add hops to the brew kettle and check the temperature of the wort for the cream ale, “brewing on this system is very manual, but enables us to have complete control over the system and therefore the beers that are produced”.

Community is important to the duo behind IronSight and they plan to bring in live local music and local food to the brewery, “IronSight prides itself on local, original, drinkable beer, while supporting the Cedar Park community”. The brewery occupies the old Twisted X brewery space in Cedar Park and will have indoor and outdoor seating and, as a community-centric brewery, is both kid and dog friendly. The brewery will start off with limited weekend hours due to the current brew schedule and has plans to expand to one Saturday a month.

Be sure to get out to the Grand Opening Party happening this Saturday from 12-4pm. Attendance is limited, so be sure to purchase your tickets today!

IronSight Brewers Manual
Credit: Andrew Schwab

The Details:
Location: 3200 Woodwall Dr. # C-1 Cedar Park, Texas.
Hours: Planning on tap room hours Friday’s 5-8 (dates TBA) with weekend hours expected in the future.
Pay Structure: Cash and credit by the pint
Kid Friendly: Yes.
Dog Friendly: Yes.
Parking: Industrial space, so please don’t block the other businesses. Parking in the grass is acceptable.
Food: Food truck plans in the works.
Good to know: The brewery is just opening, so expect extended weekend hours and more amenities like TVs and Wifi in the future as they settle in and expand.

Credit: Andrew Schwab
Credit: Andrew Schwab

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