Dipak Topiwala formerly of Whip In  has joined forces with Jim Sampson formerly of Twisted X Brewing to open yet another Austin brewery!

We look forward to seeing what these two bring us in the near future!

Kamala Gardens Brewery

Logo for Kamala Gardens Brewery - Austin Texas

Read the press release below:

January 12, 2016

— Kamala Gardens Brewery —
Inspired by the season with locally sourced ingredients.
Coming to Austin, Texas
AUSTIN, TX – Texas Craft Brewers Dipak Topiwala and Jim Sampson are combining karma to bring you Kamala Gardens Brewery.
Blending their passions and backgrounds — an Austin craft beer institution specializing in complex, small batch beers + a large scale production facility specializing in approachable, daily beers — Dipak and Jim are setting the groundwork for Kamala Gardens Brewery. The brewery will craft quaffs of the fresh type-specific varieties we all enjoy daily along with a cellar of barrel aged ales beers cultivated with wild & sour yeasts.

“We are excited to use our backgrounds to create something that we love. Kamala Gardens Brewery will be both a brewpub and brewery, a place for you to do your work, bring your family and your dog, get inspired by music and art, and who knows, maybe even fall in love. We want the surroundings and atmosphere to feel like a comfortable third place.” – Dipak & Jim
The location of Kamala Gardens Brewery will be announced soon. Currently fundraising.

Because it is not possible to provide you a sample of beer via print we offer you samples of our people. Here is a small taste:

Dipak Topiwala

With over thirty years experience of making it and not faking it, I spent the last dozen years building the Whip In into what it is today: a mecca for quality craft beer, a locavore-focused brewpub, and a live music venue. I am also also steeped in operations and production for everything from wine imports, nonprofit agencies, charitable foundations, and bike tours and festivals. I strive to give back to the community through charitable work and connecting resources. Lastly and significantly, I focus on making a mindful way of existence with family and friends. I want to share time and energy for the good things in life & love: hiking, biking, yoga, long walks on the beach, dogs, rainbows, dolphins, unicorns, and music.

Jim Sampson

The last few years of my life have been dedicated to Twisted X Brewing Company. As a founder and head brewer I have tackled many challenges, but now it is time to take on a new one. I have had the great opportunity during my life to walk in many shoes. From cold and snow during construction projects in Iowa, to sitting one on one with people trying to reclaim their lives, to smelling the wonderful aromas from a new batch in the mash tun; they all have memories and meanings. Out of these experiences flow people, and people are what matter the most. Wonderful people have helped hone the ideas and values I hold dear today. My wife, son, and family are the nearest and dearest to my heart. They are as big a part of this new adventure as anyone, and they are my greatest support. I look forward to sharing new experiences where memories will be created with friends I have yet to meet.


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