A New Nano Brewery Brings Belgian-style Beers to Austin

You may have noticed some new beers pouring around town served in gold-rimmed pint glasses with a logo of two female silhouettes and featuring fun names like Main Piece.

So who is Lass Haüs Ales?

Lass Haüs Ales is the first all-female-owned nano-distribution brewery in Austin founded by Amber McCullough and Kris Carpenter, who met while working together at an engineering company back in 2013 while in college, McCullough studying Engineering and Carpenter teaching. They quickly formed a friendship working at the firm, “we connected over many things at that time of our lives, beer and drinking mom’s special sangria recipe while making beer was two of them,” says McCullough.

One day while hanging out together at the (512) Anniversary party, the pair realized they both were homebrewers and quickly started homebrewing together. After a few homebrews under their belts, McCullough shared her vision of opening a brewery, which she had been planning for several years, and Carpenter was eager to be part of it, so the two forged a partnership.

What’s behind the name?

During a homebrew competition, the duo decided they didn’t want to enter as “Amber and Kris” so they started brainstorming how to communicate who they were: Lass (2 females) brewing, which turned into Brew de Lass. Kris hand cut their own profiles into iron-on felt and made shirts with what is now their logo. They submitted one of the few all-grain homebrews and came in second place. Encouraged by that success, the name Lass Haüs Ales was born.

The Dive Garten

In 2016, McCullough became a homeowner and started the process of building a small brewhouse on the property. Now dubbed the Dive Garten, the space has a whimsical, eclectic vibe with a variety of seating nooks both indoors and out where invitees can sample the latest test batches under the trees. Keep up with their Instagram account for occasional reservation opportunities.

The Beer

If you have had any Lass Haüs Ales around town, you’ve likely noted the distinct Belgian influence, both in flavor and ABV. Although the team strives to brew a little something for everyone, Main Piece, the Belgian Double Saison, is quickly becoming an Austin favorite, ” As the only double Saison we are aware of, Main Piece is “redefining your Saison experience, with fuller body, and amplified complexity of citrus and earthy spice,” says McCullough. “But all styles we’ve gotten a hold of so far are making significant impressions, Layla Cream Ale, Everything’s Fine IPA, Red Heads Have More Fun Belgian Golden Strong Ale Brewed with spices, and Winter’s Mistress.”

 The Point

Both McCullough and Carpenter are passionate about beer, aiming to establish stronger connections within the community now and ultimately establish a brick-and-mortar brewery. But what really drives them to succeed is their ultimate goal of establishing an organization that will provide infrastructure such as water and community centers, to underserved people groups. “We believe every individual has innate and unique qualities. We hope that through relieving some challenges, people can remember, and seize opportunities they may not otherwise thought were possible,” says McCullough.

The Future

Both McCullough and Carpenter are excited to tap into the wealth of knowledge the Austin beer scene has to offer and forge new connections that will help amplify their presence in the Austin community. Lass Haüs Ales has recently collaborated with Pinthouse Pizza and Second Bar + Kitchen at East Austin Hotel. 
Photo courtesy of Lass Haus.

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