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This guest post is by Michael Farrell.

Market Crash Wednesday’s At Brew Exchange (@72Beers)

“Buy Low, Sell High… Or Just Drink Up…”

A concept the Brew Exchange has manifolded for the beer enthusiast.
Depending on the category or your style of beer, supply and demand will determine if you stick to the same flavor of beer or maybe try something new.
The more demand the higher the price. So while everyone’s sipping on the new popular IPA, you might just break away from the trend and get a delicious Stout for a steal. Another way to make drinking beer fun with friends.

Not only is drinking beer fun at the Brew Exchange but there is a great selection of Craft Beer for the downtown West 6th area. On our visit to Brew Exchange, we started with some great local craft beers: Hops and Grains had their lineup of Alteration and Pale Dog, Austin Beer Works had their Fire Eagle IPA and Pearl Snap. To our surprise we were able to get our fills of Real Ale Scots Gone Wild, a lovely mouth puckering sour and Saint Arnold Pumpkinator. It tastes just like pumpkin pie. Of course there is a broader selection of Craft Beers outside of Texas including Left Hand Brewing, Ballast Point, Deschutes Brewery and many more.

Although the main attraction at the Brew Exchange is Craft Beers and spacey seating they do offer liquor to those that want to mix and match. As we learned first hand, there are frequently events and fundraisers supported at the Brew Exchange where they match dollar for dollar on drinks to support noble causes for cancer, diabetes among other charities. Team Austin is an avid charity donation organization and upon meeting their goals for the night partake in many odd events such as random beard and head shavings – whoa that’s when we knew it was time too leave!

Keep in mind, for those who prefer not to test their fate in any ups and downs of the Brew Market, make sure to check out Beer Exchange Market Crash Wednesday’s when the prices do not fluctuate.

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Michael Farrell can be reached on Twitter @SpiersBrewingCo

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