Austin Breweries and Businesses are Raising Funds for Maui Relief Efforts

Originally published 8/18/23
Updated 8/25/23: Kōkua recipe is live, and highlighting new local events
Updated 9/18/23: List of participating breweries
Updated 10/21/23: Kōkua Session IPA is now available from some breweries, more to come
Updated 11/15/23: More brewery releases

Following the devastating wildfires that have affected the lives of many on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Central Texas businesses are planning to offer support through special events and releases, with proceeds going towards disaster relief organizations.  In this article, we will present breweries and other businesses that are participating, and we will provide updates as more establishments announce their efforts.

Donate directly to Maui Strong here

Maui Brewing Co Presents: Kōkua Project

Continuing the popular trend of inviting international collaboration (started by Russian River’s “Sonoma Pride” and Sierra Nevada’s “Resilience”, and continued with Weathered Souls’ “Black is Beautiful” and Other Half’s “All Together”, among others), Maui Brewing Co has launched a new project dubbed “Kōkua – Maui Strong“.  To support this effort, Maui Brewing Co. has also launched the Fire Fund, operated by Global Empowerment Mission (GEM).  The recipe is available on their website: it’s a Session IPA with 2-Row, Pale Ale, and Dextrin malts, and a hop profile of Lupulin Enriched Mosaic and Waimea T-90.

Participating breweries are listed on the website; thank you to the local breweries showing support!

(This also acts as a surprise announcement: Austin Craft Brewing Co and Brack’s Backyard are brewing?  Stay tuned?  [Update: Read Here])

Completed Events:

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company Creates Aloha Pie for Maui

The ABGB has announced a special Hawaiian style pizza that will be available in their taproom at least until the end of August.  This pizza contains roasted pork, bell peppers, red and green onions, pimiento, cotija, mozzarella, teriyaki sauce, and of course pineapple, on a togarashi crust.  100% of sales are going to the Maui Strong Relief fund, and in the weeks that this has been available so far, over $2000 have been raised.  “Thank you to everyone who has bought the Aloha pizza. It’s pretty awesome that we have raised that much in less than a week,” said Chef Mario Alvarado just a few days after the pie became available.  The Maui Strong Fund is providing financial resources that can be deployed quickly, with a focus on rapid response and recovery for the devastating wildfires on Maui. As of August 15, 2023, $34,168,356 has been raised. For more information, visit their website here.

Dine with Maui: August 19th

Don’t miss this one – in just a few days, a number of local restaurants and food trucks, in conjunction with Austin Food Adventures, will be donating a portion of their sales to the Maui Food Bank.  The full list can be found here, but to highlight a few selections:

There are many others participating, please check the full list and show your support for some delicious food this Saturday!

Lazarus Brewing Releases Maui Strong Blonde Ale

The folks at Lazarus did not want to wait for the Kōkua recipe to begin showing support!  They have already released their Maui Strong Hawaiian Blonde Ale; all profits from this beer will go to the Makai Foundation, a local Maui non-profit dedicated to rebuilding Maui from within.  The brew is available at both Lazarus locations right now.

12 Fox Brewery – Maui Fundraiser: August 25-27

Dripping Springs brewery 12 Fox is hosting a weekend long fundraiser to support Maui Brewing Co’s Fire Fund.  There will be live music each day, Bingo on Sunday, special shirts and hats (100% of sales of these items are going to the fund), and of course beer and food (featuring Gummies BBQ).  Bring the family for a good cause!

This article will be updated as more businesses announce support.  Please contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or email to if your business plans to participate. Thanks!

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