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Vacancy Brewing

Located at 415 E St Elmo Rd 1-D2, Austin, TX 78745

South Austin is getting a new brewpub in the warehouse district off St. Elmo Road, near The Yard, home to St. Elmo Brewing, Still Austin Whiskey Co., The Austin Winery, and Spokesman. Vacancy Brewing is getting ready to open in the space previously occupied by South Austin Brewing, which closed several years ago. Inspired by their love of travel, owners Brent Watson and Sara Hamza aim to create an atmosphere of wanderlust and adventure. “Much of our inspiration comes from our time traveling the US and Canada on a 4-month cross country road trip. Each product will draw from traditional flavor profiles and imagery from treasured destinations, beginning with the brewery’s home state of Texas,” says Hazma.

Watson, as the Head Brewer, will lead all aspects of the production program while Hamza brings the brand to life with vibrant colors and a welcoming vibe. Vacancy Brewing will feature a lineup of three year-round styles: a Sparkling Golden Ale, a Dry-Hopped Amber, and a Pilsner, along with a rotating lineup of seasonal styles including Belgian styles, “my approach to beer is all-inclusive. I appreciate beers you can have day after day – lagers, Belgian ales, and hop-forward beers,” says Watson. Vacancy will also offer homemade craft non-alcoholic beverages, rotating local wines on tap, and other experimental offerings such as hard kombucha and boozy frozen treats.

Watson has been homebrewing since he was 18 and most recently, led the beer program at the award-winning The Brewers Table, which closed due to the pandemic. Prior to joining The Brewer’s Table, Watson was the Head Brewer at Trumer Brewery in Berkeley, CA, famous for their Trumer Pilsner, “the brewery only produces one beer – a Pilsner – and they make a lot of it. Producing the same product again and again, year after year, taught me the value of consistency,” says Watson.

Upon opening, Vacancy will offer their three year-round styles with rotating seasonals soon to follow.

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Pictured: Brent Watson. Photo courtesy of Vacancy Brewing


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