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UPDATE:  (March 26, 2019)

Plans for the stadium are underway and in January, MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced the official launch of Austin FC as the league’s 27th member club. Construction of the new stadium will begin later this year and the team’s first home game will kick off spring 2021.

As a neighborhood brewery, how do you expect the new stadium and team to impact your business?

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative | John & Erin Stecker, Co-Founders
“We are very excited and supportive of the new stadium and the Austin FC. We have been involved in the process since the first town-hall meeting, where we got to meet the owners as well as some of the crew from the Austin Anthem. Since then, we’ve actually been working with both the Austin Anthem and the team for some smaller events, and we are looking forward to many years of growing the soccer scene here in Austin. Of course we are excited for the business growth that it will bring to the area – it will allow us to improve our brewery and take on more exciting and new projects. Ultimately, we were soccer fans before we opened a brewery, and we believe it is past time for Austin to have a major league sports team.”

Adlebert’s Brewery | Scott Hovey, President & Founder
“We are excited about it and looking forward to the new soccer stadium.   I think it will be a great addition to North Burnet/Gateway zone and help drive business to our brewery and other retailers in the area. As a conservative environmentalist I like to see responsible new development done on abandoned industrial sites instead of fields and farmland outside of town.   I believe having venues like the stadium closer to where people live and work helps reduce air and water pollution for the greater Austin area.  That is why I situated my brewery in town instead of out in the country.”

Celis Brewery | Daytona Camps, Brewer and Brand Ambassador
“We are very excited! As a Belgian brewery- soccer is one of our favorite sports. I think this will impact our neighborhood heavily with traffic before and after games. The players and employees who work there will also need to drink! Soccer isn’t huge in Texas- Football is, so with this coming up I think kids and adults can benefit from seeing a new sport and perhaps gain interest. Especially for those who aren’t involved in sports we currently have. This can pull those kids outside and be more active versus playing video games inside all day. I can see some fun events happening with this.”

Circle Brewing Co. | Ben Sabel, Owner and Founder
“We’re super excited to see the 78758 Brewery District gain more popularity, especially with soccer fans who don’t live North. We’re hoping to see the Red Line packed, with fans coming to meet up with friends to have some beers before watching a match.”

Fairweather Cider | John Staples, Co-Owner
“Historically being a soccer fan is a thirsty occupation, so naturally we are pretty stoked.”

Hopsquad Brewing Co. | Alex Limon, Co-Founder
“MLS on the screen, a howling stadium in the background and a beer in hand, it’s gonna be fun on the bun.”

Oskar Blues Brewery | Leilani Howard, Marketing Manager
“We expect to get busier with the arrival of the new stadium since we are pretty close in proximity to the location. We would like to partner with the social group and have already been a meet up spot for the Lady Bird group. We’ve worked quite a bit with the American Outlaws in the past and aim to also put that energy towards our city’s team and supporters.”

(August 15, 2018)


Areial Rendering of the Proposed MLS Stadium Courtsey of MLS2ATX

On Wednesday, August 15, the Austin City Council voted to move ahead with a plan for a new Major League Soccer stadium near the Domain on city land. McKalla Place is the proposed site for a 200 million dollar privately funded stadium by Precourt Sports Ventures in an effort to move the Colombus Crew SC to Austin, giving the city it’s first major league sports franchise. The proposed site just so happens to be right in the middle of the often dubbed North Austin Brewery District.  I reached out to the surrounding breweries to get their thoughts on the new developments to bring MLS to Austin.

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative | John & Erin Stecker, Co-Founders
“4th Tap is beyond excited about MLS in ATX! We are stoked to have the stadium in the “78758 Brewery District” neighborhood. The team at 4th Tap are huge soccer fans and can’t wait to walk across the street to attend matches. We are also pumped about hosting pre, post and away-game watch parties in our Taproom! Hey, MLS – welcome to the ‘hood.”

Adlebert’s Brewery | Scott Hovey, President & Founder
“We are excited about Austin finally getting a major league sports team, which has been long overdue. It will become a great asset to Northwest Austin and enhance our area as an entertainment destination. We also support promoting revitalizing vacant unused property in sustainable ways that bring further economic benefits and jobs to our community.”

Celis Brewery | Christine Celis, Founder
“We are super excited that MLS will be our neighbor. This will give great exposure to all the North area breweries and will have a positive economical impact for Austin.”

Circle Brewing Co. | Ben Sabel, Owner and Founder
“We couldn’t be more excited to have the new MLS stadium within walking distance of Circle Brewing!  We’re soccer fans ourselves, so can’t wait to get season tickets. Let’s just hope they put some good, local beer on tap.”

Fairweather Cider | John Staples and Michael Gostomski White, Owners
“Hopefully they want 2 party!”

Hopsquad Brewing Co. | Alex Limon & Cesar Limon, Co-Founders
“As a neighboring business run by soccer fans, Hopsquad is thrilled by the city council’s decision to begin negotiations to bring a Major League Soccer team to Austin. We hope this deal will create improvements such as extended schedules to the red line, more pedestrian walkways, and an overall united community.
We can’t wait to be wearing the team colors while serving fans before, during, and after games!”

Oskar Blues Brewery | Leilani Howard, Marketing Manager 
“Oskar Blues Brewery and Taproom here in north Austin is stoked at the news of the approval of bringing MLS to our city. We see our brewery taproom, along with those of our fellow breweries, a community gathering place and an integral part of both the Oskar Blues and Austin culture, what better way to increase this than to add another reason to bring us together. We at Oskar Blues are excited for the opportunities this will create for our community and the growth we will achieve with our neighbors.”

More information about the new stadium can be found here and here.

North Austin Breweries React to News About Major League Soccer Stadium
Conceptual Site Plan McKalla Place Courtsey of MLS2ATX

North Austin Breweries React to News About Major League Soccer Stadium


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