New 2022 Pink Boots Collaboration Beers Coming Your Way

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Held every year in honor of International Women’s Day, Pink Boots members from around the world team up to participate in the annual Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day, brewing a beer of their choice using the unique YCH Hops Pink Boots blend, with a portion of the sales from each beer benefiting the Pink Boots Society scholarship funds.

For the past two years, the Pink Boots Society Austin Chapter, led by Rebecca Garcia and Shelia Garcia, hosted a record number of collaboration brew days with around twenty breweries signing up to do a collaboration beer, despite the pandemic. This year, record brew days are again in full effect, kicking off with a visit and panel discussion with Yakima Chief Hops and Double R Hop Ranches. Below gives a rundown of what breweries in town are participating and when their beer will be released.

*these beers are still available to the best of our knowledge.

Austin Beerworks | Amelia Melhart | Lager

This Aviation inspired Lager, came from the mind of Mel Strand (@short_mel) and @thepinkbootssociety. Created with an Aviation Style Cocktail in mind, it uses the 2021 Pink Boots hop blend, Briess Pilsen malt, and a touch of corn. Light additions of Citra and Meridian Hops compliment the lemon and prickly pear purée and is rounded out by a lemon herbal tea. This is a very light and easy drinking beer with an orchestra of flavors all playing their part as if it was meant to be enjoyed across the Atlantic Ocean.

Austin Eastciders | Hopped Grapefruit | Cider

“The women of Austin Eastciders all hold very important roles for the company, from HR and finance to operations, logistics, and quality. We are all proud to work for a company that values women so much,” said Brittnay Perlo, Director of Cider Making/Product Development. “This past year, the women of Austin Eastciders joined Pink Boots Society and jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with the organization. With part of the proceeds from the collaboration applied to educational scholarships for other women in the brewing industry, we are even more excited to brew up some cider to give back!”

Barking Armadillo Brewing | Juicy Lucy | Hazy Pale Ale

Juicy Lucy is a Hazy pale ale brewed using the Pink Boots Hops Blend! This hop blend gives off citrus, tropical, and sight woodsy flavors. 5.8% ABV. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the National and local chapters of the Pink Boots Society!

“This collaboration is important to us because it’s a great way to highlight an organization that’s provided education and opportunities to women in the fermenty industries. We also think it’s a fun collaboration when we get to be involved all the way from the beginning – hop rub and selection to sampling all the variety of beer styles from all the local breweries participating! It’s just an example of the infinite possibilities of beer that we’re excited to participate in this year.” – Amanda Trimm, Co-owner

Beerburg Brewing | Botas Rosas | Hazy IPA

One of the foundational principles at Beerburg is diversity – diversity of experience, diversity of identity, diversity of ideas. We love to participate in campaigns that bring diversity to the brew floor, including this year’s Pink Boots collab. Our female staff members were able to come together to run the project from start to finish. We picked the beer style, wrote the recipe, brewed the beer, and chose the name. It was a great experience and has even led one of our female front-of-house team members to begin working on the brew team as well. We can’t wait for next year’s Pink Boots brew day, and we hope you’ll come out to Beerburg and enjoy a pint of our Botas Rosas Hazy IPA! – Kris Holland, Events Manager, Beerburg Brewing.

Black Star Co-op | Boot Loops | DDH Juicy IPA

Brewed in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society, this fruity, juicy IPA is double dry-hopped with the 5th annual Pink Boots Hop Blend. “Supporting our community and advocating for a more just society are two of our main objectives here at Black Star Co-op. Because the Pink Boots Society champions women in the brewing industry, every brewery gets the privilege to open its doors and minds to a more inclusive and welcoming beer scene. Each year this collaboration effort reminds us that it truly is the people that make this industry so awesome.” – Andy Martinec, Head Brewer

Bluebonnet Beer Company | Blushing Bines IPA

“Pink Boots consists of women from all different backgrounds who focus on educating and elevating the women around them. I am proud to be a member of such an amazing group of women. This is the reason we started brewing with the Pink Boots blend last year. The more that can be contributed for scholarships to empower more women in our field the better. In our Blushing Bines IPA, the hops are the star of the show. At 7.3% abv and 60 IBU’s this wonderful brew is light in color and crystal clear and just goes down so smooth.” – Clare Hulama, Co-owner, and Assistant Brewer

Bold Republic Brewing Co. | Girl Code | Hazy IPA

This 3rd annual Hazy IPA using the Pink Boots 5th annual blend is on tap NOW! They used a classic NEIPA base kissed with flaked oats and wheat. Supercharged with the 5th annual pink boots blend consisting of Idaho Gem™, HBC 630, Talus™, Triumph, and Loral® This beer is Women Supporting Women: $1 of every pint goes to the @pinkbootsaustintx chapter which supports central Texas women in the brewing industry with education and scholarships.

“Here at Bold Republic Brewing, it is super important to us to have female input in all areas of the beer-making process.  Women are not only consumers of beer but have amazing palettes and an often-overlooked skill set. My husband and I truly are a team when it comes to designing our beer lineup, we each bring a unique and valuable set of tools to each brew.  Almost all of our front-of-house staff is female, and we encourage their feedback on beer styles as well as invite them in to learn more about the brewing process. My husband and I both come from a teaching background before entering the brewing industry, so it is natural for us to want to educate and get our employees passionate about our products. The Pink Boots Brew Day Collaboration has so many benefits.  First of all, it is an exciting project which gets the creative juices flowing and engages our employees to research hops and beer styles that lend themselves to the blend.  Secondly, it is empowering.  I absolutely love it when a customer is ordering and my bartenders say “I brewed that.”  The sense of pride our staff has in the project is an immeasurable reward. Lastly, the Pink Boots Brew Day truly creates a sense of community for females in brewing and it is so cool to see what everyone else comes up with.” – Adriane Hodges, Co-Owner

The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen | COLDen Girls | Cold IPA

Please welcome to the lineup COLDenGirls Cold IPA, our 2022 Pink Boots Collaboration beer. Clear and crisp like a lager with distinct hop flavor & aroma, this Cold IPA is perfect for enjoying in the warm, Texas Spring! Notes of honey, sweet peach & lemon are imparted by a combination of the 2020 & 2021 @YakimaChief Pink Boots Hop Blends. Brewed with the ladies of The Brewtorium, COLDen Girls is an IPA fermented cold with lager yeast and generously dry-hopped coming in at 6% ABV & 50 IBU. A portion of the proceeds of this beer goes to support the Pink Boots Society for women in the craft beer industry.
We’re pairing this Cold IPA with our brand new power bowl, The Spicy Ranch Hand! This spicy bowl comes with black beans, fresh kale, and chile-lime marinated red cabbage. Served on a bed of veggie quinoa and topped with fire-roasted red peppers, corn, cucumber, crispy corn tortilla strips, and finished with a drizzle of our spicy Fresno ranch.

From left to right: Sheila Garcia, Rebecca Garcia, Pam Catoe

Celis Brewery | Pinky Promise | Double IPA

We are so excited to release another collaboration beer for the incredible worldwide Pink Boots Society annual brew day on International Women’s day! I am proud to be a part of it as a woman and as a brewer. Seeing so many different styles of beer with the usage of the same hop blend makes me happy to see the creativity! Our 8% Double IPA is dark and incredibly sneaky, it truly tastes like an introduction DIPA. We pinky promise to continue to brew the best craft beer we can and always to wear pink on Wednesdays. Cheers! – Daytona Camps, brewer and brand ambassador

Central Machine Works Brewery | Belgian Saison

Women from across the fermented beverage industry in Austin convened in our brewery, on March 8th, 2022, for International Women’s Day. Friendships were made. Fun was had. Beer was drunk. A beer was brewed. The result is our Belgian Saison, a special beer release in partnership with Pink Boot Society – A portion of proceeds will benefit their educational scholarships.
7.5% ABV with notes of fruit, bubblegum, and spice.

Fitzhugh Brewing | Valkyrie

“A Norwegian-style beer in the Voss Kveik tradition.  Juniper infusions in the mash and sparge water, followed by a long boil and a recirculating step through a Texas Pecan log.  Fermented “blood warm” with Voss Kveik yeast for a citrusy, woodsy, Umami character.  Hopped during the boil with the Pink Boots hop blend and dry-hopped post-fermentation.  A Texas take on a rustic Norwegian beer.
As a brewery owned by a woman, being a strong supporter of women in the brewing industry is part of Fitzhugh Brewing’s core belief structure.  This year we’re again showing our backing of women brewers by participating in the Pink Boots Society worldwide collaboration brew.”  – Nathan Rice, Head Brewer

Hold Out Brewing | Persistence in Bloom | West Coast IPA

Persistence in Bloom is a tribute to a personal hero Beatrix Farrand, the first woman to be recognized by the American Society for Landscape Architects in the early 1900s. Farrand was self-taught due to women being barred from traditional studies and her persistence led her to design of over 100 gardens, some of which still standing today. She forged the path for women to pursue careers in architecture and design. When I change from my own gardening boots into my brewery boots, I like to think of how far women have come in this industry and how, with the right amount of persistence, we too have the opportunity to bloom. – Amanda Thiele – Gardener, Brewer, ATX

Persistence in Bloom Hoppy Lager is currently available in cans and on draft.  Persistence in Bloom Pale Ale is available on draft, as well as a re-brew of She’s Speaking, a West Coast IPA brewed in collaboration with Sheila Garcia using YCH’s 2020 Hop Blend.

Humble Pint Brewing | Velvet Valkyrie | Hazy IPA

The “Valkyrie” were the choosers of the slain. They rode horses, boars, or wolves – armored and carrying spears – to choose who qualified for a ticket to Valhalla in a coming battle. That’s a pretty bad-ass job description for some very bad-ass ladies and while we have a lot less slaying and almost no wild animals ridden around the taproom, Humble Pint is lucky to have a lot of bad-ass ladies on staff! They helped make this beer as part of the Pink Boots Society’s annual collaboration brew day (held on #internationalwomensday) and they help make Humble Pint the great place it is.

VELVET VALKYRIE is a hazy IPA made with base malt, pale ale malt, and a generous addition of white wheat malt to the mix. Its ultra-soft mouthfeel highlights flavors of the annual Pink Boots hop blend at @yakimachief, redolent with grapefruit, tropical fruit, and hints of Jolly Rancher candy. Let us send your tongue to Valhalla with a VELVET VALKYRIE while we send a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to the Pink Boots Society, so they can continue providing scholarships for more bad-ass women in the brewing industry!

Independence Brewing Co. | Pink Boots Blend Double IPA

Notes of citrus, bubble gum, tropical fruit, and berry sweetness explode when paired with our resinous and fully juiced Highboy DIPA that has been dry-hopped with the 5th annual Pink Boots Blend. 9.0% ABV & 100 IBUs. The blend features an abundance of tantalizing hop varieties including HBC 630, Idaho Gem®, Loral®, Talus®, and Triumph.

Infamous Brewing Company | Sally Skull | India Pale Lager

“For one we have more women than men working at Infamous. The ladies keep us in check so we don’t get too carried away with boyish tomfoolery. Really, it’s a great opportunity to try new blends of hops created by the women of craft beer and to create new recipes that would otherwise be outside of our wheelhouse. The best part for me is to get the ladies more involved in the brewhouse process side of beer, it’s always a fun time with lots of beer and laughter.” – Josh Horowitz, Owner

Jester King Brewery | Hoppy Pilsner

From social media: For this year’s Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day, we brewed a hoppy pale lager with the 2022 Pink Boots hop blend. The blend consisted of 30% Idaho Gem, 20% HBC 630, 20% Talus, 20% Triumph, and 10% Loral. We added the blend during the boil and again as a dry hop. Lagered for eight weeks prior to packaging.

100% of the proceeds from our Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day will be donated to the Pink Boots Society‘s scholarship fund. “Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®️ is an international celebration of women in the alcoholic and fermentable beverage industry. Each year, teams brew beer in participation of Collaboration Brew Day to help raise funds for Pink Boots scholarships that support our mission to assist, inspire, and encourage the professional development and education of women in our industry.”

Live Oak Brewing | Pink Pils

“We’re very eager to take this opportunity to support the current and future women in our industry. With this collaboration, we get to take the efforts of the Pink Boots Society and showcase them in this beer. They’ve made it easy for us to spend time, learn, teach and give back; and we’re happy to participate. Pink Pils is a hop-forward pilsner that involves a very American mashing method, corn grit cereal mash. It is something we were very excited to learn about and enjoy passing on. The light malt flavor and brite final product will really highlight the Pink Boots hop blend in a clean and delicate way. We last made this beer with the 2019 hop blend and it will be fun to taste the difference.” – Dusan Kwiatkowski, Head Brewer

Meanwhile Brewing Co. | Hard Candy IPA

On March 8, female employees in every department of Meanwhile Brewing Co. will come together in the brewhouse to craft their new beer, Hard Candy – a lower ABV IPA bursting with fruit flavors of white peach and lychee, brewed with hops from the Yakima Chief Hops “Pink Boots Blend”. Throughout Hard Candy’s creation, Meanwhile’s female employees have worked to design, name, and produce the label artwork for this project.

“We are excited to support the Pink Boots Society and its ongoing mission to support careers in beer for women through its community outreach, educational opportunities, and scholarships,” said taproom assistant manager, Kat Zeltner. “The Pink Boots Society deserves a tremendous amount of credit for its continued commitment to breaking down barriers and providing opportunities and support to women of the industry and the ongoing advancement of craft beer.”

Nomadic Beerworks | Black IPA

Pecan Street Brewing | Boss Lady | Hazy IPA

The Pink Boots Society has done tremendously important work in increasing diversity and inclusivity in the beer industry, and we felt it was important to give back and support such a great organization.   The “Boss Lady Hazy Hibiscus Pale” is a nod in recognition of all the amazing women who make the brewery run smoothly every day.  As a mostly women-owned and ran brewpub, we have a strong passion towards creating an inclusive and inviting environment for both our staff and our guests. We had an awesome brew day where staff and their family members came out and helped in crafting fun and unique beer from grain to glass while cultivating an environment of collaboration and ownership in the final product.   Come out and enjoy a pint or two and cheers to all the Boss Ladies out there. -Taylor Lopour, Head Brewer

Pinthouse Pizza & Pinthouse Brewing | Moxee Lady | Hazy Double IPA

An approachable Double IPA, brewed in Pinthouse fashion, in support of The Pink Boots Society. Brewed on National Women’s Day at two of our facilities, this beer is designed to highlight the 2020 crop of the Pink Boots Blend from Yakima Chief Hops. A highly drinkable juicy beer with huge notes of ripe guava, pineapple, and mango. “Brewing is rarely seen as a career path by women. There are so many diverse possibilities between brewing, packaging, and quality control. We hope exposing some of this through the invitation to all of our female staff helps bring light to the possibilities within our industry. It is also a great opportunity for all of the females who work on our front of house staff to feel engaged and confident about our beers – understanding the process is everything.” – Kristin Hanks, Production and Hospitality

Red Horn Brewing Co. | Snake in my Boots | IPA

This juicy IPA was brewed using only the 2021 Pink Boots Hop Blend. The finished product is a smooth & juicy IPA with high tones of ruby red grapefruit, orange, & subtle hints of tropical fruit.
A portion of proceeds directly benefits Pink Boots Society – Austin.

St. Elmo Brewing Company | Barbara | Hoppy Lager

With a new Pink Boots hop blend comes a new Pink Boots beer! This year’s blends has all the cool kid hops – Idaho Gem, HBC 630, Loral, Talus, and Triumph). With hops like these, it almost seems instinctive to build a big, aromatic Hazy IPA in an attempt to show off how “juicy” or “tropical” this year’s blend is. However, we went the other direction! By structuring the recipe with a clean pilsner malt foundation and fermenting with lager yeast, Barbara teases out the intricacies and skillfully expresses each component of the hop blend. ⁣This beer sips on the sweeter side – balancing the bready base with fruity undertones from the hop blend – but finishes nice and crisp. Notes of lime zest (Sprite®-like) and honeydew melon spring from the glass without overpowering or compromising balance. ⁣

Vista Brewing | Zwickled Pink | Dry Hopped Zwickle Pilsner

“My favorite beer of the year is our Pink Boots Collaboration brew: Zwickeled Pink!   It’s not only my favorite because a group of awesome women join us for the brew day, but it’s also an awesome style for springtime in Austin: an unfiltered and unpasteurized Czech-style lager, dry-hopped with the 2022 Pink Boots Hops Blend (HBC 630, Idaho Gem®, Loral®, Talus®, and Triumph) creating a hoppy lager with grassy, papaya and earthy notes. Easy drinking and lightly hoppy…the perfect beer for spring and summer under the oaks! 4.8% ABV. This is our fifth year in a row making this recipe, rotating that PBS hop blend each year.

As a female-owned business, we are proud to support the national and local chapters of Pink Boots.   On a company level, Vista values and focuses on education, with classes that we host and non-profits that we work with.  I personally value the connections I’ve made with other women in this industry, both locally and across the country.  I love the monthly meetings when I can attend, as it’s an awesome support network and educational opportunity.  Vista is proud to support the cause with a charitable brew! ” – Karen Killough, Co-Founder

Whitestone Brewery | Intuition Cold IPA

“Brewing this Pink Boots Collaboration beer was important to us because the brewing industry should be a place where all people feel welcome and safe and everyone should have access to similar opportunities and be treated equally, and unfortunately there are still times where that is not the case.  At Whitestone Brewery, we want to be a contributor to the fight for equality for everyone as well as be a safe space for anyone, and the Pink Boots Society helps empower women beer industry workers and provides them with access to the resources needed to feel comfortable in a heavily male-dominated industry, so we’re excited to be able to donate funds to such a great organization.” – Jackie Abeyta, Marketing and Event Coordinator, Whitestone Brewery

Oddwood Brewing

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