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Now Open: Rick’s Place 501 Pedernales, Unit 1-B, Austin, TX 78702

Update: Rick’s Place will be open to the public Wednesday-Saturday from 2-6 pm beginning Friday, Feb. 17, as a pick-up and to-go location for Rick’s Near Beer. Rick’s is the recently launched lineup of non-alcoholic beer, including Rick’s Original and Rick’s Hazy. Both Rick’s Original, a crisp and refreshing Pilsner, and Rick’s Hazy, a hoppy and juicy IPA, are non-alcoholic and contain less than 0.5% ABV. Single cans and 6-packs will also be available for purchase for consumption on-site or to-go.

Originally published Dec 7, 2022

Hops and Grain founder Josh Hare’s new venture capitalizes on the growing trend of non-alcoholic or “better for you” beers. Rick’s Near Beer launched on December 1st with the release of its first near-beer non-alcoholic beverage, Rick’s Original. “Rick’s Original is a crisp, clean, and refreshing low-strength Pilsner brewed with premium malted barley, fine American hops, and mountain fresh water,” states the press release. 

Most folks in the Austin area are familiar with Hare as the founder of the beloved Texas brand Hops and Grain, Pint & Plow Brewing, and as a fixture in the Texas craft beer scene. From biking for prostate health to being part of the historic Beer-To-Go agreement, Hare is no stranger to the beer industry or its ups and downs. Both Hops and Grain locations shuttered in 2020, but the brand was revived a little over a year later.

Hare’s new venture is poised with a mission to normalize non-alcoholic beer. “We want to redefine how we think about drinking non-alcoholic beer. NA options should be so good that they become a part of our normal drinking routines, not something that we only reach for when we’re cutting back or drying out,” says Hare. “No beer should be labeled a sacrifice.” 

The beer is currently being brewed under a co-manufacturing agreement with Sustainable Beverage Technologies in Golden, CO.

Per the press release, “Rick’s Near Beer is a complement to alcohol, giving beer lovers something non-alcoholic to reach for, and look forward to, morning, noon, and night. Coming in at less than 0.5% ABV, Rick’s Original is refreshing, consistent, and exciting.” 

“Rick’s is a beer you can take to your kid’s soccer games, pack in the cooler for that long road trip to see family, enjoy during a Monday morning meeting, or share with a friend while you’re standing in line to vote” says Hare. “All the times you want a beer but can’t have one.”  

Order six-packs of Rick’s Original ($10) online at drinkricks.com and keep an eye out for Rick’s Near Beer in the beer aisle of retail stores throughout Texas in early 2023. 

About Rick’s Near Beer

Rick’s Near Beer is the beer to grab morning, noon, and night. Launched in 2022 by Certified Cicerone® and beverage entrepreneur Josh Hare, Rick’s Near Beer and its flagship Rick’s Original are low-strength options to keep the good times rolling. Follow us on Instagram at @drinkricks or order Rick’s online at drinkricks.com.

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