TABC Brewery Approvals June 11th, 2021

There are a lot of new and interesting breweries coming into Texas. Some new ones with more of a name include Drake’s, Short’s, and Ex Novo. Along with that, the number of breweries opening in Texas continue to grow. The Covid slow down of new brewery approvals has definitely ceased.

Recent Brewery Approvals:

For Texas, to make beer here or sell beer here, you require a brewery approval through the TABC. This is a list of everything that has received approvals to make, or sell in Texas (if an out of state brewery). I generally will not list approvals that are repeat approvals (meaning a new license for a place that is already operating) or a brewery that is a macro producer (or owned by one).

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Texas Based Breweries/Brewpubs:

Brick Streets Brewery – Corsicana (B)

Chambers Creek Brewing Company – Maypearl (BP)

Conservatory Food Hall & Brewery – Houston (BP)

El Paso Drafthouse #2 – El Paso (BP)

Elder Son Brewing Company – Houston (BP)

Fass Brewing Company – Conroe (BP)

Fiesta Winery At Arch Ray – Fredericksburg (B)

Laredo Brewing Company – Laredo (BP) – Note on this one – Laredo was the largest city in the US without a brewery. This ends here.

Lucky Brewing Company – Dublin (B)

Red Horn Brewery & Roastery (#2) – Cedar Park (BP)

Shady Lane – Austin (BP) – I cannot find any details on this place, but the address looks like a house in East Austin.

Stagecraft Brewing – Comfort (BP)

The Flagship Brewing Company – Austin (B) – I find this one interesting, it appears that this is a brewery in NYC, and appears to be opening a location in Austin? This license is for a location near Independence. They also received a license to sell their beer from NYC down here as well.

Whitestone Brewery (#2) – Liberty Hill (BP)

ZBrewz – Boerne (BP)

New Out of State Breweries Entering Texas:

Calidad Beer – California

Charro Brewing Company – Mexico City

Drake’s Brewing Company – California

Dutchess Ales – New York

Ex Novo Brewing – New Mexico

Great South Bay Brewery – New York

Lincoln Beer Company – Wisconsin / California

Neff Brewing – Oklahoma

Short’s Brewing Company – Michigan

Suzie’s Brewery Company – Oregon

The Flagship Brewing Company – New York

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