TABC Brewery Approvals May 16th, 2023

It has been another 4 months since the last update, which is better than I have been doing in the past. Due to the timeliness of me doing these updates, MANY of these will already be on the shelves (hey, if you are approved 4 months back, I would expect to see you floating around already). The same goes for local brewery approvals, they may already be open and operating for months now, but I will still give them a shoutout as the new “kids” on the block. I do skip through “breweries” that look like they are just making seltzers (they can fall under the same license, which tend to be distilleries getting a brewery license), ones that have already been in Texas previously (at least that I remember), and clearly macro ones. Anyways, go support some of the newer places around. The approvals on this list are basically from May 15th to now.

Recent Brewery Approvals:

For Texas, to make beer here or sell beer here, you require a brewery approval through the TABC. This is a list of everything that has received approvals to make, or sell in Texas (if an out of state brewery). I generally will not list approvals that are repeat approvals (meaning a new license for a place that is already operating) or a brewery that is a macro producer (or owned by one).

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

Texas Based Breweries/Brewpubs:

3 Nations Brewery – Anna (BP)

Bird Creek Brewing – Temple (BP)

Black Fox Brewing – Denton (BP)

Bosque River Taphouse – Stephenville (BP)

Down Range Brewery – Canutillo (BP)

Glen Echo Brewing – Wylie (B)

Gordon Street Tavern – Alvin (BP)

Grain Street Brewery (production location) – Abilene (BP)

Grind & Grain Beverage Company – Carthage (B)

Hop Avenue Brewing – Bridge City (BP)

Off Main Brewing – Hunt (BP)

Paris Brewing Company – Paris (BP)

The Old Tascosa Brewing Company – Amarillo (BP)

Thirsty Pups Brewery & Bottle Shop – Castle Hills (BP)

Wildbreak Brewing – Cleburne (B)

New Out of State Breweries Entering Texas:

Bald Birds Brewing – Pennsylvania

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery – Virginia

Jackalope Brewing – Tennessee

Melvin Brewing – Wyoming

Oud Beersel – Belgium

Pump House Brewery – New Brunswick

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