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While I generally include most TABC label approvals each week, I often skip over some that are major macro beers (they are not of much interest). This week, I skipped over a bunch of the Boston Beer Company’s approvals. This list is generally 50ish approvals each week spread over numerous craft breweries. Boston Beer, alone, had over 200+ approvals this week. Now, most of them are the same beer with a slightly different label (as in, they will have a picture of someone on it, or a random changed quote, or just some nonsense like that). These were mostly for their Jolly Traveler Shandy, or some other Shandy they make. I felt it was not worth my time to write those out on here.

Some people may be wondering who the TABC spends their most time on as far as the number of approvals each year, and I would have to say this year it is Boston Beer Company by a long shot (this is one of many of these “label blasts” that I have seen from them). The last couple of years, it may have been AB or MillerCoors, but I am definitely going with Boston Beer this year.

As far as these approvals go, I am guessing that this may be one of the last times that you see Grapevine on here for a while. Approvals tend to take a couple of weeks to go through, so even though they announced they are stopping distribution, the last of their approvals are still showing up. Considering they won’t be able to sell cans to go from their brewery (due to their current license), I doubt these cans will ever see the market.

This week’s TABC Label Approvals:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
bb = 16oz format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
cc = 16oz format can
C = Larger format can

Bare Arms – Trebuchet Barleywine (K)
Bare Arms – 1849 Vienna Style Lager (K)
Bare Arms – Witbier Belgian White Ale (K)
Bare Arms – Green Tea Saison (K)
Bare Arms – Waco Pale Ale (K)
Bare Arms – Searex Gose Style Beer (K)
Bare Arms – Murph’s Revelry Weisenbock (K)
Barrow Brewing – Creek Don’t Rise Lager (c)
Bearded Fox Brewing – Tomball (B)
Bitter Sisters – Hot Temper Texas Common (K)
Branchline – Brett The Woodcutter Barrel Aged Rye IPA (bb, K)
Brazos Valley – Mama Tried IPA (c)
Breckenridge – Nitro Series Pumpkin Spice (K)
Buffalo Bayou – Cucumber Wit Ale (K)
Charles Wells – Dry Hopped Lager (K)
Elevation – Black Series Raspberry Gulch Imperial Saison (b)
Elevation – Freestyle Series Acide Sour Dry Hop Kettle Saison (B, K)
Elevation – Green Series Wave Wheel Wit (b, K)
Eureka Heights – Space Train IPA (K)
Eureka Heights – Wicket Awesome ESB (K)
Eureka Heights – Moo Caliente Spiced Milk Stout (K)
Eureka Heights – Mostly Harmless Pale Kolsch (K)
Four Corners – Texas Mule Ginger Brew (K)
Funkwerks – 2016 Saison Aged in Red Wine Barrels (B, K)
Grapevine – Local 3113 Oktoberfest Style Lager (c, K)
Grapevine – Christmas Cookie Ale (c, K)
Infamous – Foghorn Redhorn Coffee Amber (B)
Left Hand – Rye on the Prize Imperial Red (B, K)
Oskar Blues – Priscilla White Wit Wheat (c)
Panther Island – Creamweaver Imperial Cream Ale (K)
Peticolas – Prime Minister English Strong Ale (K)
Rogue – Double Brown Throwdown Imperial Brown (b, K)
Rogue – Promise Gone Aw-Rye IPA (B)
Saint Arnold – Endeavor Double IPA (B)
Saloon Door – Catty Corner Cream Ale (K)
Saloon Door – Milk Stout (K)
Saloon Door – River Ace IPA (K)
Saloon Door – American Wheat (K)
Shiner – Texas Warmer Brewer’s Pride Series #9 (b, B, K)
Shiner – Homespun Cream Ale (K)
Sixpoint – Tesla Lager (K)
Uinta – Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout (B, K)
Whistle Post – Wheels Off Saison (K)
Whistle Post – Electric Owl Red Pale Ale (K)

Brewery Approvals:

Note: I have only been putting new brewery approvals here – anything that is just getting reapproved, I do not list. Along with this, any macro brewery that is approved, I do not put. An example of this would be things like a South Korean macro brewery.

(For TX breweries: B = Brewery, BP = Brewpub)

160FT Beerworks – Houston (B)
Baja Brewing Company – Mexico

Select Labels

barrow creek dont rise TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 branchline bretty the woodcuter brazos valley mama tried TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 elevation acide sour elevation raspberry gulch TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 elevation wave wheel TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 funkwerks saison grapevine cookie cutter TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 grapevine local 3113 infamous foghorn redhorn left hand rye on the pilz TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016 oskar blue priscilla rogue double brown rogue gone aw-rye saint arnold endeavor (1) shiner texas warmer uinta bourbon stout

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Aug 19 2016

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