TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 20 2015

On most weeks, TABC releases Label and Brewery approvals that have been approved for sale in Texas. Every beer that is sold in Texas has to go through this process before you can see it on store shelves. It is a way to see what beer will be coming into the Texas market before it shows up at your local bottle shop. The time frame between showing up on the label approval list and hitting the shelves could be anywhere from a day to a couple of months out.

The same can be said for breweries. The brewery approvals tend to be even further out. Every brewery sold in Texas has to go through the same process to get approved by the TABC. Once they do this, they can then get labels approved.

I only include craft beer labels that have been approved.

After each label, I have indicated what they have been approved to sell in. They are as follows:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
C = Larger format cans

Here are this week’s releases:

Alamo – German Style Pale Ale (b, K)
Ballast Point – Black Marlin Porter (K)
Big Sky – IPA (c)
Big Sky – Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout (K)
Boulevard – Imperial Stout X – Coffee Ale (B)
Buffalo Bayou – Lenin’s Revenge Ale (K)
Buffalo Bayou – Don’t Fear the RIPA (K)
De Ranke – Hop Harvest 2013 (B)
Brouwerij Bavik – Me’Lange Belgian Tripel Ale (K)
Deschutes – Pine Mountain Pilsner (B)
Deschutes – Armory XPA Pale Ale (B)
Joseph Huber Brewing – Minhas Mountain Crest Classic Lager (B)
Joseph Huber Brewing – Minhas Kick Axe Malt Liquor (C)
Joseph Huber Brewing – Clear Creek Ice (B)
Joseph Huber Brewing – A:M Melonball (C)
Joseph Huber Brewing – Huber Bock (b, B)
Kasteel – Winter Belgian Ale (B)
Galveston Bay – Ex Spouse Bitter Ale (K)
Lagunitas – Scare City 2 Ale (K)
Lagunitas – Cappuccino Stout (B, K)
Oasis – Metamodern Session IPA (c)
Pabst – Ballantine IPA (b, B, c, K)
Piraat – Triple Hop (K)
Real Ale – Brewer’s Cut #18 – Cafe de Olla Porter (b, K)
Real Ale – Brewer’s Cut #19 – Belgian Pale (b, K)
Real Ale – Commissar Russian Imperial Stout (B, K)
Real Ale – Real Heavy Scotch Ale (B, K)
Real Ale – Red King Imperial Red Ale (B, K)
Real Ale – XIX 19th Anniversary Ale Baltic Porter (B, K)
Rhinelander – Chocolate Bunny Stout (b, B)
Rhinelander – Imperial Jack Double IPA (b, B)
Rhinelander – Mystical Jack Traditional Ale (b, B)
Rhinelander – Thumper American IPA (b, B)
Santa Fe – Aged Sour State Pen Porter (B)
Smuttynose – Baltic Porter (b, K)
Twin Peaks – Gold Digger American Golden Ale (C)
Victory – Deep Cocoa Porter (B, K)

TABC Brewery Approvals:

None this week

A couple things to take from these releases:

Real Ale – They are continuing to put out great beer. Cafe do Olla is their porter with Mexican style coffee. Along with this, their anniversary ale will be a Baltic Porter. As far as the Brewer’s Cut series goes, the next one released (if they go in order by the numbers) should be their Kriek.

Real Ale Brewing
Credit: Real Ale Brewing

Rhinelander – Rhinelander is a new brewery into Texas that is based in Wisconsin. They have a relatively small market area that includes Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana and Nebraska, so it is is a surprise to see them jump into Texas.

Credit: Rhinelander

TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Feb 24 2015

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