TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 20 2015

On most weeks, TABC releases Label and Brewery approvals that have been approved for sale in Texas. Every beer that is sold in Texas has to go through this process before you can see it on store shelves. It is a way to see what beer will be coming into the Texas market before it shows up at your local bottle shop. The time frame between showing up on the label approval list and hitting the shelves could be anywhere from a day to a couple of months out.

The same can be said for breweries. The brewery approvals tend to be even further out. Every brewery sold in Texas has to go through the same process to get approved by the TABC. Once they do this, they can then get labels approved.

I only include craft beer labels that have been approved.

After each label, I have indicated what they have been approved to sell in. They are as follows:

K = Keg
B = Large format bottle
b = Small format bottle
c = Small format (12oz) can
C = Larger format cans

Here are this week’s releases:

B-52 – Rauch (K)
B-52 – Liberator (K)
Bayou Teche – Loup Garou Stout (B, K)
Viven – Blond Ale (b, B)
Viven – Imperial IPA (b, B, K)
Breckenridge – Hoppy Brown Ale (b)
Brooklyn – Green Market Wheat Ale (b, K)
Cobra – Old Town Pale Ale (K)
Deep Ellum – Dreamcrusher Double IPA (c)
Deep Ellum – Darkest Hour Imperial Stout (B)
Deep Ellum – Four Swords (b)
Four Corners – El Super Bee de Saison (b)
Four Corners – Heart O’ Texas Red Ale (b)
Funkwerks – Tropic King Saison (K)
Funkwerks – Deceit Belgian-Style Golden Ale (K)
Infamous – Double Tap – Imperial IPA (B, K)
Lagunitas – Olde Gnarlywine (B, K)
Left Hand – De’Nile Ale Brewed with Coffee (K)
Newcastle – British Pale Ale (b)
Newcaste – British Session Pale Ale (b)
Oskar Blues – Pinner Throwback IPA (c)
Rabbit Hole – Dark Snark Ale Brewed with Strawberries (K)
Real Ale – Mysterium Verum – Morgul Ale (K)
Real Ale – Mysterium Verum – Tenebrae Aete (K)
Redhook – Seedy Blonde Apple Ale (b, K)
Revolver – Sidewinder Southwest Pale Ale (b)
Save the World – Verbum in Tenebris Double (B)
Seguin Brewing – Black Rye Reserve Ale (b, B, K)
Sierra Nevada – Beer Camp – Hoppy Lager (b, K)
Smuttynose – Durty Mud Season Hoppy Brown (b, K)
Spoetzl – Shiner Prickly Pear (b, B, K)

TABC Brewery Approvals:

Brouwerij de Kazematten – Belgium
Zilker Brewing Company – Austin

A couple things to take from these releases:

Real Ale – Mysterium Verum – While I do not know what these beers are exactly, I am just happy to see anything released from this series. They are some of the most solid Texas barrel aged beers around.

Real Ale Mysterium Verum

Zilker Brewing Company – They will be located in East Austin on 6th Street. It will be another great brewery added to the three other breweries in that area. Expect to see them open their doors in the late spring to early summer.

Zilker Brewing Co

 TABC Label and Brewery Approvals Jan 27 2015

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